Monday reflections

Keegan has left Korea and returned to Japan; we’re hoping he can get a come-home pass and visit us.
Jeremy and family are planning to come visit before the end of this month. Looking forward to some time with them.
We are in the process of rearranging the furniture so we can have an extra room for guests. Chris will be coming back to stay with us for awhile and maybe Mark will mosey across the hill one of these days. I will be giving up my office and returning it to a bed room like it is supposed to be; my office will share the living room and will be downsized a lot. I have too much junk anyway.
Yesterday morning, Carolyn fixed each of us a bowl of sweetened rice. She carried mine to the office and as she reached to set it down in front to me, she lost her grip on the bowl and the hot, overly-sweetened grain with extra-hot liquid spilled; half in my lap, half and my keyboard and half on my Droid phone-cum-book reader. I naturally grabbed the Droid and began wiping it while all the good stuff in my straddle finished cooking my noodle. I dumped the keyboard as quickly as possible and only then got the scalding food off my legs and out of my crotch. A 67 year-old man has different priorities than does a 60 year-old man. We both tend to save the things which will be used the most in the order of importance: Droid; keyboard; gonads in my case. Together, we got the electronics back in working—yet sticky—order. Fast cleaning work on the phone saved it; the old Logitech keyboard keeps doing its thing without a sign of a sticky key but there are still a few rice grains deep inside I need to fish out. I was having a pretty rough RA flareup, but I was able to help Carolyn a bit with cleaning the mess. She never once offered to clean me. I will have to live with my sticky butt until Saturday when I will take my weekly shower; when you are old you don’t break any routines unless absolutely necessary. Wednesday is “change underwear” day; I am looking forward to it. When I change underwear in midweek, it isn’t always fresh, clean stuff I change into; I dig through the pile of dirty of clothes until I find some that look and smell less foul than the ones I have on. However, Saturday always finds me with a clean and fresh springtime smell down below.
I seem to have begun my recovery from the sinus infection; it feels to be about 50 percent of original. I think this is the worst I’ve ever had it and there is still a lot of drainage.
A right pretty day in the hills, but rain is supposed to return this evening and then turn cold.
Have  a Tuesday!

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  1. It’s one of the most funny texts I have read in last weeks! Maybe the situation wasn’t funny but you added so funny reflections. I love such fragment: “A 67 year-old man has different priorities than does a 60 year-old man. We both tend to save the things which will be used the most in the order of importance: Droid; keyboard; gonads in my case.”
    Ha… ha … I love your gently sarcastic tone. 🙂 I also would like to look at you how you dig through the pill of dirty clothes. 😉 Wednesday is “change underwear” day, Saturday is “take shower” day. Perfect. 😉
    You made my mood much better with your blog today. Thanks, my friend.

    • I’m happy the blog tickled your fancy, Jola. I like fun writing, even if it is not completely accurate.
      Thank you for your nice comment, my friend. 🙂

      • I realize that your writing is a kind of self creation and it’s not completely accurate, and that’s why I love it. 🙂

      • It does feel good to be a bit creatively silly after feeling poorly for awhile.
        Thanks, Jola. 🙂

  2. What would we do without you to entertain us? you couldn’t talk Carolyn into a sponge bath? Keyboards hate any kind of liquid or goo. I’ve spilled coffee and water on mine many times. Mike being the thrifty guy he is always tries to disassemble the damn thing, wipe it down and reassemble but it never works right. so glad you will be getting visitors soon!

    • Some days the words come out easy. Nope, Carolyn wasn’t about to touch anything as sticky as I was even though I tried to explain how sweet I was down there with all the extra sugar. Hooray for Mike! I am the same way. This weekend, I will probably pop the keys off the keyboard and do some housekeeping; I usually find some decent snacks lurking inside.
      Thanks, my friend.

  3. Great story. Shades of truth hidden in your sentences.

    Hopefully I’ll be ready for a trip soon, without crutches.

    I have never spilled any drinks on a keyboard. I am sure after some cursing I would attempt to clean it, then go buy a new one.

    • Fortunately, my keyboard is still working but I can see rice grains and shiny-sticky-slicky mess inside. Status quo!
      Thanks, Mark.

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