Just after 12:00 noon, Carolyn phoned me; she had hit a large deer while on her way home from Johnson City. She is lucky that it hit a glancing blow on the windshield but it did shatter glass all over her. I had no way to get to her so I called Vicki to pick her up after the rescue squad checked her over; she seems to be ok except she is scared a plenty. She is back home and settling down a bit.

I will probably be off-duty the remainder of this day and most of tomorrow as we attempt to get things straightened out.


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  1. What a relief that she is safe now and she came back home. Please take a good care of your wife, my friend.

    • She seems to be ok; plenty lucky, I reckon.
      Thanks my friend. 🙂

  2. Glad Carolyn is OK. Hitting a deer can be a scary thing.

    • Thanks, Alice.
      Carolyn seems to be ok; she went on to work this evening. She was very lucky.

    • Thanks, Alice.
      Carolyn seems to be ok; she went on to work this evening. She was very lucky.

  3. Wow. She is lucky that nothing else happened. Very glad she is ok.

    I imagine you have the same insane deer population that we have here.
    It is a major problem here.

    I see dead deer all the time on the side of the road. They expected there to be 1200 in Guilford County alone.

    • The deer must have tried to jump the Escape and didn’t make it; she never saw it until it hit the windshield; yep, she is lucky. One of the cops had to kill the deer.
      We see them all the time when we are out, especially at night. Not enough room for them with highways and parking lots everywhere they turn.
      Thanks, Mark.

  4. My thoughts are with Carolyn. Thank the Maker she is alright. She hit a deer in the afternoon in broad daylight? Mark says there are exploding populations of deer up that way. I wonder why? Which animal besides man is the natural preditor? Bears? Large cats? I know in this area and in central Florida the bears and cats are finding it more and more difficult to establish territory and roads and new housing developments use up their precious living space. Hopefully the insurance covers the damage to your vehicle.

    • Yep; afternoon broad daylight. I suppose something spooked it or it was hunting better bedding; the temp never got above freezing yesterday and was down to 17 last night. There are no more big cats here (except the mean-assed tom who lives next door), but there are many bears in the mountains. Also, red wolves have been reintroduced into the Smokies and are spreading.
      “They paved Paradise and put in a parking lot.” Not enough room for free-roaming critters and people to live together anymore.
      Thanks, Tammy.

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