Post-Yule mutters

No internet for most of the day yesterday; somehow my router got hacked and I could not access it to fix it. Took a long time just to figure out the router was ok but had been tampered with.
Have to go to RA doc later today; no wonder I am grouchy.
The Escape is still not fixed; it did good for a few days but is back to the same problem once again.
Both our TV’s are broken; the one in the living room seems to overheat or something and cuts itself off and the one in the bedroom no longer shows our eleven local channels. That leaves us with nothing but Netflix and that is why it was imperative to get the router back into working order; no router = no Netflix. God, I would hate to have Comcast cable TV again. They are the most uncaring and arrogant company I have ever dealt with. I wish Charter had cable out where I live. Our local power board is supposed to have internet plus TV in the near future but I don’t know how near future.
Sammy was over Sunday afternoon and my blahs and blues magically disappeared. I hope to write more about his first Christmas later.
The mouse wars continue.
Have a Tuesday!

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  1. If I had both TV’s broken I would be grouchy too. 😉 Oh, yes, I understand: no router – no Netflix; but … what is Netflix?
    I look forward to your Christmas story about Sammy, dear friend. 🙂
    The title of your post translated into Polish (post-bożonarodzeniowe mamrotanie) sounds funny, ad I love your short statement: “The mouse wars continue”.

    • Netflix is movies and tv programs streamed over the internet. I was able to watch two of my favorite Christmas movies that way: Die Hard and Miracle on 34th Street, the original b&w version.
      Carolyn is slowly murdering the mice! 😦
      Thanks, Jola. 🙂

  2. Sorry your TV’s aren’t working. Do you not work on TV’s any more?. You used to be able to fix any problem that occurred on a TV or Radio..
    My friend Norm that lives in Telford got direct TV thru Centurylink, but I think you have you to probably have to have a land line. There is not any cable where he lives either. Hope everything goes well with your RA doctor today.
    Hopefully you will get the router to your internet fixed soon..
    Glad Carolyn is killing the mice. ( I don’t like mice)

    • I don’t work on stuff much anymore; I just occasionally build myself a computer. I used to like to work on radios and tv’s but the RA keeps me from being flexible enough to do the intricate work.
      We are thinking of going back to Directv and through Centurylink. I will have to do something or Carolyn will pull the rest of her hair out … and mine too.
      Doc says I have the blood of a a healthy 20 year old man; now I gotta convince my body that I really am young.
      The router is now ok and I am back on the net with it.
      Thanks, Alice 🙂

  3. Radio? The last resort. I beleive that you could fix anything too. Carolyn the mouse assasin, I am enjoying her mouse antics. Kids went to their dads place late Christmas day. We had a lovely Christmas eve and Christmas day. I was sad to see them go. Adam, tia’s boyfriend, wanted to purchase some of my soaps for his family so I traded him – soaps in exchange for an entire day of him being my garden slave. That sounds like a fair trade! The robins keep me so happy these mornings. Quite literally thousands of them in the trees in my back yard singing, darting around, pulling up bugs and bathing in the bird bath. They line up all around the bath each waiting their turn. It is so amazing to be a part of their cheery morning greetings. so glad it is a short week.

  4. I like radio as long as it isn’t John Boy and Billy! I even listen to old timey preachers on Sunday mornings … occasionally. Some of them Dudes can get wound up and I never know what they are saying but they and their congregations seem to like it. They can take a breath between syllables and you hardly notice it.
    I dunno; your soap is mighty fine; a bar or two of soap should get many hours of back-breaking labor from him.
    I expect the robins will start showing up here in about six weeks; maybe less. It will be another month before they begin to sing. I know you will look after them until they come home to me.
    Thanks, Tammy

  5. I disconnected my router. It seemed to slow my internet speed.

    My birds are eating well. It will cool to hear the babies when they are all back home.

    Radio is always a great choice in my book. I always wanted to be on radio.

    • The router will slow your access a bit but it also adds another level of protection with its own firewall.
      So far, I have only one pair of cardinals at the new place. More will come, I’m sure.
      Talk show host or DJ or what?
      Thanks, Mark.

      • At the time I wanted to be a DJ. Unfortunately Clear Channel has come along and ruined commercial radio in my opinion. When I listen regular radio, and it is very rare, I usually listen to some type of public radio.

      • You would probably have been a famous talk show host. All it takes is plenty of balls and strong opinions.
        Everything on radio is canned it seems, including much of NPR. I listen to the talk shows on our local NPR or music on the NC NPR on the PC.
        Thanks, Mark.

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