Thank You

V.F.W. Honor Guard preparing to fire 21-gun salute for Carolyn's uncle Haskel

Carolyn and I thank everyone for the kind condolences. The graveside service had to be held inside at the cemetery chapel; it was raining when we got there and snowing when we left.
Carolyn and I have been sick for several days; we are following Sammy’s lead. He has already had everything we are experiencing but unlike we old fuddy-duddys, he keeps on smiling.
I ain’t trusting Russian politics anymore than I trust United States politics. Just beneath the surface of Russian power lies the vestiges of communism which seems to still be fairly strong and a Putin dictatorship is a possibility, too.
Thursday already? Have a good one.

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  1. I’m glad yall could make the service. Looks nasty out by the picture…
    Politics are nothing more than a corrupt business with the interest of greed and big corporation. I will never trust any form of government!

  2. I think it wasn’t an easy day for both of you.
    Putin is loosing his political impact on the Russians but still they are not ready to choose really democratic parliament (Russian: Ду́ма) and government. I’m sure the results of last election in Russia were rather forged.
    Be well.

    • It must be very easy to rig elections; two of our last three were crooked.
      Thanks, Jola. 🙂

  3. Looks like a nasty day to take to the sky. Hope you all get to feeling better there soon up at Carolyn & Ken’s Playpen. Unfortuantely when babies get sick (and they get sick every week I think) everybody else does too. We will look foward to hearing the story of Uncle Haskel.

  4. Thanks, Tammy

  5. Raining at a funeral is natures way of saying goodbye to one of her own.

    I think you are right on in your analysis of Russian politics. It will many a year before the vestiges of the communist regime fade away. Think they spy on their citizens more than happens here?

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