Red Clay Ramblers

One of the Best Bands in the USA

 Seems like both Iran and Great Britain are itching for a fight. Have a good one, boys and girls.

I still say Obama is a hypocrite and more than likely will be a worse president than W. Bush. I wish the Democrats had someone to put up against him but it looks like politics as usual will win again. I can’t see any Republican who is now running that can beat Obama; J. Bush might have a chance in the hunt because he is pedigreed with papers, blue ribbons, rabies and distemper vaccination, and all other conservative requirements.

Sammy spent much of the afternoon gnawing an arthritis knot on my knuckle; all I could do was grin and bear it. For a man who has never had a tooth in his head, he has some mighty hard gums.

I’m officially done with winter for another year; come on Spring!

May your Thursday thrum be insignificant.

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  1. I thought Jeb did a fair job of govering our state for a while but I’m not sure I’d want another one of those guys in THe House. Too much like a “good ole boys club” shoved down your gullet that. having a baby in the house must bring so much joy to you and Carolyn. Never underestimate the gum power of a baby,especially as a breast feeding mother. Kiss him on the head for me. xoxo

    • I know nothing about Jeb; just the taint of his brother is enough to a primal scream.
      If Carolyn had her way, Sammy would be living with us. Me too, maybe.
      A kiss from you he shall have.
      Thanks, Tammy.

  2. Band Red Clay Ramblers is great. I haven’t known them earlier. They are like an essence of America. Thank you for this video, Ken.
    I can’t imagine how he was doing it (gnawing your knuckle) but … it is funny. 🙂

    • Red Clay Ramblers is a hillbilly band and do much to keep mountain music alive.
      It didn’t take Sammy but a second to figure out that an arthritis know on my knuckle is very satisfying to his gums.
      Thanks, Jola. 🙂

  3. Thanks for the Red Clay Ramblers video. They are a great band. Hillbilly music is American music.

    I think if Jeb ran he would win. He comes across as a very likable person. I find it odd that he or any other credible Republican is not running. I bet when they do an in depth poll of how people would vote they come up as losers so they are giving up on this election and shooting for 2016.

    • I would hope that by 2016 OWS and others will have had enough influence to change voter’s opinions about politics as usual and at least try to find someone who is sincere in wanting to change the course of the country back toward the Founding Father’s wisdom; probably a pipe dream, though.
      Thanks, Mark

  4. I have a big problem with Mr. Jeb, he killed more prisoners in Florida than any other governor in American history. His outlook on the death penalty is very ugly and disheartening… Obama will be better than GW onlybecause GW helped plan and kill thousands of US citizens on 9-11-11!

  5. As of 2007, 62% of Americans favored the death penalty, therefore most politicians are going to say they favor it and use even if in their hearts they are strongly opposed to it. I suppose all the Bush boy really do like having that power of life and death.
    I really don’t think GW has enough brains to plan to scratch his ass, but I understand there is evidence that he did know that a huge attack on the US was imminent.
    Thanks, jeremy

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