I officially went over 10,000 words on Lover and most of it has had a first edit. Pardon me for crowing so much about this story, but I think it is a decent one so far. Cock-a-doodle-doo!
We had a few snow flurries last night; supposed to get down to 22°F (-5.6°C) tonight.
I was about to blog some more when Sammy came in, soooooo …
Have a welter-free Wednesday!

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  1. Our last autumn was long, sunny and dry; maybe even too much dry. It was raining today first time since September. A nice feeling.
    Oh, yes, it’s still cold but we are used to rather low temperatures in November (1°C at 6 am today).
    My gentle kiss for Sammy’s little fists.

  2. Stay warm and dry, young lady. Have you had a pneumonia vaccine?
    Sammy has been chewing my knuckles.
    Thanks, Jola. 🙂

    • I think that there is no such vaccine in my country. I had flu vaccine, my friend. It was in September, and it will protect me till May’2012.

      • I don’t know how well the vaccine works, but it is becoming commonly used here, especially in older people.
        Thanks, Jola. 🙂

  3. wet knuckles with drool running down your arm. I remember those days. I’d die if I had to live in the cold climate with Jola, or, at least I’d be complaining most of the time. Got cool enough last night here to close the windows and I brought out the feather comforter.

    • We simply wear warm clothes, dear Tammy. Yes, our winters are rather cold, fortunately they are not so harsh like winters in Russia.

  4. I had a buddy who served in the Air Force in Minot, N.D. who used to say they had two seasons there; August and winter. That is probably how I would feel about my first few winters in North Europe but I guess people there are used to it being the ordinary.
    We’ve had the thick comforter on the bed since early November.
    Thanks, Tammy

  5. It has been cold at night in Atlanta but today we had some nice sunshine. Mid 50’s maybe 60 degrees but it felt alright with a lite jacket. Sam looks like he is growing since I saw him last. Sis sent me a few pics of him last week. Stay warm in the hills, Hillbilly!

    • It is 53° here right now (4:38pm) but supposed to be back to low 20’s tonight.
      Come on back to the hills, Hillbilly! 🙂

  6. The cold is not so bad, for now. At least the days are decent and warm.

    Little Sammy the star of the Christmas season.

    • The nights here are the problem; heat on–blankets off; heat off–blankets on. Sweat and freeze.
      I suppose Sammy will own Christmas for a few years.
      Thanks, Mark.

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