Mary Poppins

Another piece of Lover; this one happened earlier in the same day from yesterday’s excerpt:

At Darla’s bath time on the appointed day, I was once more hiding in the woods near her house. As I looked around, I realized I was almost in the same spot where just three or four years earlier and for only one time in her life she momentarily discarded her aspect of pesky tomboy, put on a frilly dress, and begged me to have “tea” with her. When she had pleaded a sufficient amount and I had made sure none of my buddies were around, I allowed myself to reluctantly be the “daddy”. She had a “table” set up in the woods with a tablecloth and two chairs; all her furniture was wooden packing crates which she lugged from the smokehouse. Her tea was a popular flavored and sweetened drink served in small cups on tiny saucers. We shared a large oatmeal cookie. Our “baby” was one of her dolls wrapped in a small blanket confined in an open a shoebox and placed on a nearby stump. For god’s sake I had to hold our offspring but I flatly refused to sing it a lullaby. We must have talked about grownup things during the meal, but I remember none of the pertinent subjects of the day; I was used to jawing and joking with the other boys and had no idea as what to say to a mere girl. Next day she was back to her bratty self and I never again wished that she would act like a normal girl. Somehow though, from that time on she seemed to be a different person.

Gray and rainy again; the mountains appeared clear, clean, and blue this morning but are now enveloped in a light mist. Somehow, they looked much closer in early light today. The temps are still very mild as drizzling rain begins.
Talk your billionaire head off, Mr one-percent Bloomberg. You are a marked man.
Yesterday Carolyn finished buying the goodies she will prepare for Thanksgiving Day; turkey breasts, cranberry sauce, fixings for home made dressing, taters either for tater salad or mashed, green beans, corn, candied sweet taters, punkin pies and other stuff I can’t think of. I want a beer.
I dearly and sincerely wish Jeremy, Courtney, Remy, and Bubba could come in from Atlanta and that Keegan could get a furlough form South Korea.
Have a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Wednesday!

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  1. Kids – especially girls – like such play when they pretend that they are “mummies”, there are also “daddies” at “home” and the dolls are their “babies”. It’s charming piece of your story Lover, my friend.
    Thanksgiving Day —Thursday, November 24th; I look forward to your post on that day and maybe your photos too. 🙂
    I regret I don’t know this musical “Marry Poppins” but I will ask in my favourite film shop if they have such DVD.
    It’s cold in Warsaw; simply COLD.

    • That bit of the story is the only thing in it so far that is based on the truth. For an hour or so, I was daddy to a baby doll. 🙂
      Thanksgiving is a nice family day in US.
      I never cared much about the musical movie “Mary Poppins”, but I find the long word fascinating.
      Thanks, Jola.

      • I loved such plays (with a baby doll) but I was alone home and waiting for my mama. She worked a lot. 60’s – poor communistic years in life of my country and of my own life too. I was much younger than Darla. I was really a little girl.
        Yes, the long word is fascinating. 🙂

      • Children seem to be able to cope. I hate that you had to be alone at such an early age.
        Thanks, Jola.

  2. Carolyn is way ahead of most of us with her Thanksgiving prep I’ll bet. We should all post a photo of our feast to share with Jola. Mark is having his parents, my mom and a few friends will come along with my kids, and hopefull you’ll get some of your beloved “kids” too. Sammy’s first Thanksgiving! give him some taters! I would like to hear some of Jola’s stories of her life, her mother and her baby dolls.

    • Good idea on the meal photos. I’m glad you will have both kids under your care a few days; hopefully they will be there for many more Thanksgivings.
      Sammy will get taters, he is eating baby food now.
      I too would like to read more of Jola’s stories. She has a blog she does in Polish which I translate with Google. She still she has problems converting Polish language concepts into English concepts; I can imagine how tough it is to do so.
      Thanks, Tammy

      • Ken: It’s truth. It’s not easy for me to describe my life in English. I wrote about grandparents in one of my posts. My mama deserves a beautiful story too.

      • I remember the post about your grandparents and yes, you mother deserves a beautiful story. She raised a fine daughter who is a good friend for us.

    • Tammy: I look forward to the photos of your feast. Thanksgiving is a beautiful holiday. I promise to write a book about my childhood when I retire. My parents divorced when I was a little girl so it was not easy for my mama to raise me. I moved to my grandparent’s house when I was 9 years old.

  3. The first Thanksgiving in “my house”. Woo Hoo. Should be a good day. I plan to have a nice spread of cheese, crackers and other snacks. The local Co-op store has many great cheeses. Assorted blue cheeses, and many other yummy delights. Fat for me.

    Bluegrass, bacon, eggs, grits, english muffins, orange juice, sausage and coffee for breakfast.

    Booze for lunch.

    We need snow since I am not close enough to take a walk on the beach.

    • I like American cheese; all others are a communist plot to take over the world.
      Your fixin’s sound better than what you probably intended them to.
      Snow? Be careful what you wish for. 🙂
      Thanks, Mark.

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