Ship of Dreams


Another excerpt from Lover:

We met that evening between the same rose bushes as before and when her dad finally called her inside, Darla asked me to once again come to her bath the next Monday because she had something important to tell me. Being a bit dim witted in her presence, the possibilities of what she thought was important eluded me as her lips once more teasingly brushed mine.

As I moseyed toward home with sky rockets shooting between my ears, one profound probability of her meaning hit me like a mule kick, sending the light show inside my head to the farthest depths of unknown space; Darla was pregnant–I was going to be a papa!
A legal fight is now happening in New York City, testing the merits of the American Constitution and the fabric of our capitalistic society. Will the haves with their unlimited access to money win out or will We The People with our desire for fairness prevail? Under cover of darkness, armed soldiers of the ruling wealthy removed unarmed protestors and their belongings from NYC’s Zucotti Park. With openness and acting within the bounds of our Constitution, lawyers representing the protestors obtained an injunction allowing people free access to the park, along with their temporary housing and belongings.
Rainy dampness is saturating my bones today, and my joints have been hurting since yesterday. It is ludicrous to be able to predict the weather through pain; what the hell is the TV weatherman good for?
Have a Tuesday!

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  1. 13 years old boy … and papa?! So what really happened in a smoke-house? 😉
    I watched CNN today; yes, I know that the protestors were removed from Zucotti Park. It’s interesting if they really were going to survive winter in that place. It wouldn’t be easy, I think.
    Thanks for the video, Ken. These two ladies are pretty and they are very good singers.

  2. Things are sure getting interesting for the kids in the story, especially considering they didn’t have sex with each other. The next smokehouse scene is a secret but it changes the direction of the story, at least for awhile.
    Winter will be tough on the Occupiers, but today’s events may prove to make things even rougher for the police and authorities.
    The band Heart is fronted by the Wilson Sisters, Ann (brunette) and Nancy. They were very popular in the early 70’s.
    Thanks, my friend. 🙂

  3. The story is taking some turns I see. Glad to see you aren’t too predictable!
    Damn, the girls can sing. Of course Heart was my favorite band for so long as we didn’t have too many girl rock bands to choose from. I saw them 3 times and once I sat in the 3rd row which was one of the best nights of my life! I always think the song “Dog and Butterfly” should have been “Cat and Butterfly” but no matter I still love that one.
    power to the occupiers – maybe the commaradarie of cold nights and mornings will actually be a positive element and bring people together for more than just this protest. Perhaps shared blankets, body warmth and passing of the coffee thermos will promote a peace not even counted for yet. I hope so. If we can’t be good to each other what will all this matter? My spelling is bad today, I’m rushing….
    be well. my arms ache in the damp weather too, why is that?

    • This story should have some twists and turns.
      Annie once was my favorite female singer after Patsy Cline. Heart was in my town in the mid-80’s but by then had already been ruined by MTV.
      I think after today’s actions by wealthy Bloomberg that Occupy will be much stronger than ever. The time has come.
      Your arms ache because you ah … um … work too hard!
      Thanks, Tammy

  4. Bloomberg is the 12th richest person in America.

    Its seems that Homeland Security and the Justice Dept. have been coordinating the events of the last week. That is why all the police actions look some much alike.

    Fucking Obama has his dirty little hands in this.

    The Wilson sisters have lovely voices.

    My dear Darla, you little minx.

    • Obama is owned by Wall Street; just another politician.

      Darla has secrets …

      Thanks, Mark

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