Just Wednesday

An early surprise this morning to find out that women in Mississippi still have some respect from the voters; the state was trying to do away with abortions by making it a law to recognize fetuses as human beings. I have mixed feelings about abortion, but I do believe in a woman’s right to choose.
In Ohio, voters decided not to limit collective bargaining thereby protecting worker”s rights,
In Maine, same day voter registration was restored. It was another form of disenfranchisement for many people.
All these bad laws were enacted or supported by Republicans whom will probably pay the slap-downs little attention and march on with their heads stuck up corporate asses. Voters failed to get rid of the conservative governors who oversaw and approved the tyrannical laws, however.
My how the world is changing so quickly. When I was born, Hitler’s Germany was on the defensive yet still slaughtering as many Jews, Poles, and Gypsies as he could round up. It is now 67 years on, and even though life’s landscape has enormously changed, people are still people and there are wannabe Hitlers born everyday.
I think I should write about all the major changes that have come to the world since I was born but I won’t be so vain as to say they would not have happened if on that blessed August day in 1944 I had not been presented to the cosmos for the betterment of mankind. I won’t say it but I know it is true.
Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Lyrics for Cowgirl In The Sand.

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  1. Neil Young is perfect. Lyrics are beautiful. Thanks for this video. Wonderful Rock ‘n’ Roll.

    Poles could stay in their houses and even work, however they were treated like prisoners in their own country. Jewish fate was much more worse. They were gathered in ghetto and sent to death camps. Of course they wanted to live, so many of them tried to escape from the transports. Please watch a new document by my daughter. It’s interesting, I think.

    Have a good day.

    • I’ve read several times that Hitler did not like Poles and and did not care if they were killed by his SS.
      Thanks for the video and for people like Aldona.
      Have a good evening, Jola.

      • 6 millions of Poles lost their life during 2WW. Half of them were Polish Jews. I think Hitler didn’t like anybody. His heart was full of hatred and prejudices. I hope the process of ‘denazyfikacja’ (I don’t know English word) allowed German People to understand all their mistakes.

      • The word translates to denazification. I suppose there are many Germans still in denial about Hitler’s atrocities but hopefully new generations can come to grips with them.
        Thanks, Jola.

  2. Neil Young is perfect. I am amazed always when I think back to when the first automobiles were on the road. A hundred years? And now, we zooming to the moon and back, circling the globe in a space ship and most families own more than one vehicle. crazy how fast we grow up.
    Compare that to the millions of years this planet has been in existence and it is easy for me to consider we will ‘reincarnate’ humanity. After we destory ourselves, the planet will retreat, lick its wounds and regenerate once again. A hundred years is nothing. jola is our sweetheart from halfway around the world and we are glad to have her. xoxo

    • I am in awe of the things that have happened in my short lifetime, social, technical, and such. Life has certainly changed and improved, but i hope the cost is not our humanity.
      Nature will take care of herself with the tolls she has to work with, and she has plenty of time on her hands.
      Thanks, Tammy.

    • I hope I help you to understand some of European affairs. Very kind words, Tammy. Thanks very much for them. 🙂

      • I sure do like your explanations about European affairs, especially political things. I try to read (online) English language papers from different European countries, but at times they are very confusing.
        Thanks, my friend. 🙂

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