Indian Summer is here

Why is Italy the fourth largest debtor nation in the world yet is only the eighth largest economy in the world? Instead of penalizing debtor nations like Greece, Italy, and Spain, maybe the big European nations who control the purse strings should reassess just how much they allow the subsidized mega-banks to be free-wheeling entities.
Had another flat weekend; didn’t even bother to sit on the porch and enjoy Indian Summer. Indian Summer is a warm spell during early November that we enjoy in many years. Carolyn was out running here and there both days; she had to buy some diapers for Sammy yesterday. He is ill from the one of the shots he got last week.
We have birds and squirrels out the ears at this house. We’ve seen all the normal critters one would expect except for deer; I suppose they will show up sooner or later. Hopefully, we are a bit too far from the mountains for roaming and hungry bears.
Occupy Johnson City has a permanent encampment home near downtown and along the much traveled State of Franklin Rd. The movement here seems to be growing fairly rapidly and other nearby cities are inquiring about how it all works.
Have a good Worshday, my friends.

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  1. why didn’t you sit on the porch? Feeling sad? not physically up to it? I felt like we met for the first time when I saw your photo and it completed a missing link in my view of our friendship. Did you know squirrels ate mushrooms ! I caught one digging and eating mushrooms out of the yard. The birds have been few around here lately. Sometimes when the feeders get clogged with mold and mildew and the seed gets stale they don’t like it. I’ll suppose I’d better clean them up and get ready for winter, whenever that decides to show up. I think the rats get into the bird feeders and “mark” their territory – perhaps the birds don’t like that rat smell. It sounds like Carolyn keeps busy. I’ll bet you are both enjoying that little Sammy. I am feeling child-deficient as Cody hasn’t been home for two months. He’s working retail now and I’ll probably not see him Thanksgiving either. I know he is having fun, living the college life, and meeting girls but I am selfish and would love to see him more often. Haven’t seen any robins yet and tend not to see them until late Dec early Jan.

    • I think I am going through a phase of ‘what the hell … been there; done that’. I need to kick-start myself. I need Al Gore to give me a pep talk!
      The photo was mostly done for a laugh; red-eyed and Einstein hair, but my vanity did force me to shave.
      Yep, squirrels do eat toad stools and mushrooms; they seem to be excellent opportunists. Carolyn had some dehydrated mushrooms put back for a recipe and I sneaked them out and gave them to a couple of my best squirrel friends. I hate when the bird food sprouts and the roots then get moldy.
      I’m sure Cody misses you but he is in a time of life where priorities are still being explored. It is tough that he may not be home for Thanksgiving. I would love to see Jeremy and Courtney and Keegan sometime during the holidays.
      I was hoping the robins spent the entire winter under your watchful eye. Send them along to me as soon as possible.
      Thanks, Tammy.

  2. What a beautiful Van Morrison’s song! I put the link to ‘my favourite’. One of the comments I could read on You Tube moved me very much: My daughter is getting married next year and she says, “Dad pick a song you and I can dance to at my wedding” and I told her it would be a surprise. Can’t wait!
    D. told me that Van Morrison is from Ireland. One of the best rock poets. Lovely video. Thanks for sharing it, Ken.
    ‘Indian summer’ sounds beautifully. I also love your new autumnal banner. 🙂

    Have a good week, my American friends; a good week without any debts and with kids in home.

    • Happy you like Van Morrison music and video; he was very popular in the 60’s.
      I saw that comment on the video; I hope dad’s daughter was impressed with his choice.
      Indian Summer is special in that it will most likely be the last long spell of warm weather for the year.
      Have a good week yourself, Jola. 🙂

  3. I prefer my men un-shaved. 😉
    I’ll clean the feeders after I get up from this damdable chair tonight and pack the rat traps with blue cheese. Rat huntin tonight my friends. The frigging things sit on my window sill at night and put their little rat feet on the window to peer at us. They have been eating the large moths who fly to the window for the light. I have no idea where the robins spend their summers but not with me. I’ve decided I want a white peacock as they look like a giant snowflake.

    • I darn sure prefer not to shave. I usually carry three to five days stubble; I haven’t shaved since the photo was made on Saturday.
      The last rat problem I had was when my nasty neighbors got rid of their dog pen and the rats ran out of dog food; they came after our bird food. A .22 rifle took care of them and put the fear of god into a couple of sassy squirrels. Good luck with the rat hunt.
      Peacocks certainly are beautiful; white ones make me think of a bride in search of a groom.
      Thanks, Tammy.

  4. I was outside quite a bit this weekend. Weather was lovely. Even better today.

    Silvio is a criminal with money and runs a country. He needs to go.

    I am glad your Occupy is gaining some ground. Needs good organization to keep it vibrant

    Got to get rid of those rats. They are nasty little creatures.

    • Silvio is a tea partier; runs his country like a it is a business.
      We still have a mouse and he is proving hard to get.
      Thanks, Mark.

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