I saw an CBS TV news report about apple picking time in Washington state saying that the growers there need help picking the crop. One farmer said he needed 1,000 pickers immediately but could not find them. A big part of the workers are undocumented illegals from Mexico and he pays all his pickers $160 per day. Unemployed Americans will not do the difficult work and he said he expects to lose half his crop; there is a very short picking window when the apples are at prime. Look for the price of fresh apples and apple products to sharply increase at the consumer level because Washington produces nearly fifty percent of of America’s apples and exports to more than 40 countries. Maybe the growers can find some tea party people willing to work the orchards.
Cold and rainy in East Tennessee today; maybe a bit of snow before the cock crows on a new morning. I am still hoping to go to Wilbur this weekend, but it is looking doubtful.
Have a great weekend, you wonderful people!

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  1. Maybe this farmer is too greedy. Maybe he shuld have offered a higher rate of pay. It’s difficult work.
    Maybe I eat American apples and I even don’t know that they are from the US. 🙂
    It was very cold morning in Warsaw and so beautifully sunny. The building I could see from my office window were immersed in a bright light. It was lovely sight. I regret I hadn’t my camera.
    Very nice autumnal photo.
    Be well, dear friend.

    • No, the farmer isn’t too greedy it is just that the political situation in US has scared off the “guest” workers from Mexico. The average wage in my area is only $100 per day.
      I too wish you had your camera with you.
      Thanks, Jola. 🙂

      • There are also cheap workers in my country. They are from Ukraine. Most of them can’t settle down in Poland but our government give them a special permission for being here and working when the time of picking the crop is coming.
        BTW: $100 per day is quite good wage in my country; of course our prices are lower than in the US.
        Weekend hugs for all of you, my American friends. 🙂

      • Thanks, Jola.
        We have “green card” guest workers too, but not enough for peak crop time. Many illegals are here doing the extra work, but the governments have them scared to show up so the crops remain unpicked, food is wasted, people go hungry, and our economy suffers.
        Have a great week! 🙂

  2. Alabama and Georgia are also suffering from laws aimed at undocumented workers. We will pay the price at the store for vegetables and fruits. $160.00 a day is about the average daily wage for workers in the U.S. I do not make much more than that. I also have not had a raise in five years at this point. $160.00 is a fantastic salary for pickers.

    • Our local tomato workers have their own campsite for the migrants and it is provided by the farmers. Many of them have made permanent homes here and become part of the community but officials seem to doing all they can to make them feel unwelcome. The work is back-breaking but most immigrants get schooling and medical care for their kids, something they may not be able to have back home. Many actually do better than workers in our local service economy.
      Thanks, Mark.

  3. Send them all home and we will see how valuable they are.

    • That should work.
      Thanks, Mark.

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