Happy Birthday, JJ!!!


Leaf color is nearing its height as we go into the weekend which is supposed to be cold and sunny after showers today and tomorrow. I hope to get to Wilbur no later than Sunday and see if the colors there are as spectacular as they were in 2007.
Ok, let’s say that Occupy works well and we begin getting the country back for the benefit of all. Will Occupy members run for high public office in next few elections, say state legislatures and maybe even Congress of the USA? Will these people be sincere? Will the sincere ones be corrupted by power? The reason I ask these questions is because I’ve seen this scenario before; when hippies–mostly young–persuaded he government to reduce the voting age from 21 years to 18 years. Many very young people ran for office and some of them were elected and a significant lot of those turned out to be worse than the greedy fat-cats whom they had replaced. Power corrupts.
Have a good Thursday!

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  1. Both photos are great. I love Carolyn’s orange T-shirt. Wilburn is a beautiful place.
    Yes, power very often corrupts. It’s sad and true statement.
    I’m happy you are better, dear friend. Have a lovely trip to Wilburn. I look forward to your autumnal photos. 🙂

    • Oh … it’s Wilbur. WILBUR. Sorry for my previous mistake.

      • For many years, I thought it was Wilburn. 🙂

  2. Happy birthday, JJ!!!

  3. Happy Birthday Uncle!

    My opinion on the Occupy members running for office is a good idea and bad at the same time. Good, because they are exercising their rights as americans to stand up for what they believe. Bad, because most of them have money already. How many poor folks can miss work to camp out in the park? Only the unemployed poor folks are sleeping overnight with the other members. Lets hope these folks help make a change for our country. Enjoy Wilbur Paw!

    • I don’t really know what the overall economic makeup of Occupy is, but I can once more refer back to the hippie era; most of the leaders were from middle-class and upper middle-class families.
      I hope society morality is most important in politics, but I know it isn’t.
      Thanks, Jeremy.

  4. It will be interesting to see how many Occupy folks will run for office and see if they can avoid being corrupted by the machine. Many of the protestors from the 60’s are the ones who crossed over and are the reason we are in the state we are today.

    The ones who tried to stay true to their vision are in the movement today. i think many just faded into society and went about their lives.

    Quite clearly the ones maintaining the occupation are unemployed, young, have no money or lots of money, amongst many other adjectives. We are all driven to get this country fixed and we all hope that force will be the change we need.

    • Did you expect the revolution to come about this way? I didn’t think it would be so popular so quickly if it was done by peaceful protest. This is one uprising of freedom I hope never ends.
      Thanks, Mark.

  5. I had hope it would come about this way but did not expect it too gain strength so quick.
    I could not be happier about it for the most part. There are some issues i am formulating for my post for Tuesday.

    • Occupy seems to be still gaining and I believe it will do so as long as the man cracks down on the protestors.
      Thanks, Mark.

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