Happy Birthday, Cathy!!!

Everyone please keep Dear Alice and her family in your thoughts; her sister’s husband passed away in West Virginia. She will be journeying there as soon as she finds out what the arrangements are. Peace to you and all of your loved ones, my friend.
Time may be an undefinable invention of abstraction, but you will come to know that it is in fact as extant as anything which we can realize with our physical senses. Time definitely has weight and as you grow older its increasing mass relentlessly presses down on your shoulders until you feel the burdens of all the world are being carried by you alone.
In yesterday’s dream sequence, the tibbets I referred to is Paul Tibbets, the pilot of the plane which dropped the A-bomb on Hiroshima, Japan in the summer of ’45. The manson family was a cult of cold-bloodied killers lead by Charles Manson in California during ’69.
I had a very tough weekend with plans to go to Walnut Mt. and the old, abandoned church and then on to the Christmas tree farms and apple orchards on Buck Mt. Instead, it was a weekend of much discomfort caused by a huge buildup of fluid in my chest. First bout I’ve had with that malady since July. I finally feel well enough today to get caught up on a few things.
Have a Tuesday.

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  1. My wishes go out to Alice’s family! Happy Earthday Cathy!
    I wasn’t sure who the pilot was but I got the manson family line. Clever Writing!

    • I suppose most people these days would not recognize Mr. Tibbet’s name or know that his B-29 bomber was named Enola Gay after his mother. Instead of the entire family, I thought about using just ‘Squeaky Fromme’ as she was the last of the family to get into big trouble; she tried to assassinate President Ford in 1975. There are stories everywhere and 99% have never been thought of much less told.
      Thanks, Jeremy

  2. Safe travels Alice. May you find the strength you need to help your family with their sorrow. I was recently given a tidbit of advice from a gentleman I met in the WalMart parking lot… “Never get old honey.” I’m working on it but I think it will happen anyway. be well.

    • My advice would be to get old but live young and hard as long as you can.
      Thanks, Tammy. 🙂

  3. Simply and beautiful song. Thank you for the version with lyrics. It fits your today’s post, my friend.

    • Thanks, Jola.
      This is a very old song and is probably sung in most churches in the US. 🙂

  4. Why would anyone know Tibbet’s or the Enola Gay, we do not teach history.

    Live young, think young.

    • Good lesson on history teaching, my friend.

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