JJ found one reason the trains are so loud in the back of the house; my bedroom is smack above the basement drive-under garage and the garage door is acting like a drum head; amplifying the rumble, the rattle, and the roar. We are also half-way between two grade crossings and we get horn-blasted coming and going.
I can see what looks like snow covering the upper flanks of Unaka Mt. this morning. The sight does nothing for my perpetually grumpy disposition.
Where did I learn anything about kissing a woman’s hand, you ask? After all, you are but a mere hillbilly and probably married your mother or your sister or your first cousin, you say. Did I kiss the cow’s foreleg before I stump-broke her, you ask?
I’ll answer the last question first. ‘No’.
First cousins, mothers, and sisters desire to be kissed and pampered, too.
I learned what little I think I know from movies, mostly. Rudolf Valentino was very good at on-screen woman wooing, and many other leading men of pre-WW2 romantic films were pretty darned good at hand and arm kissing, although I think most of them were somewhat clumsy at lip smooching. Clark Gable was known as a pretty good lover of and for the ladies—off-screen and on-screen—and he did most of his hand kisses very well.
Anyway, I learned that keeping eye contact is the most important thing in hand kissing. If you are suave enough, and the lady is in a receptive mood, a lot of messages of intent and interest can be made with the eyes from the time your gazes meet through your picking up her hand and slightly leaning into it and on to the soft kiss and maybe a gentle stroke or two of her wrist before you release her. You are the charming snake and she is the your pretty little bird victim. Her eyes will tell you how well you did and your eyes can tell her you want to do a lot more.
Stuff like this comes natural to some men, but there is no way I could ever pull it off. Too bashful am I and I ain’t keen to being slapped. To say the actual flat truth, I have no real idea of what I am writing about when it comes to matters of intimate interpersonal male-female relationships. Truth! I’m just a hillbilly.

Have a lip-smacking Thursday!

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  1. I’ll bet the train noise does nothing to help the tinnitis. Mike plays the Blackfoot “Train, Train” on guitar and smokes it -one of my favorites. Mark can vouch that Mike is a damn good bass and guitar player. He used to play so much more regularly but as he has gotten older his guitars and bass get a little dusty. So much of a well-placed kiss depends on the groundwork done beforehand. If you woo your little bird, flirt with her, and tease her until she is trembling – you can place your kiss anywhere and get away with it. Snow by you already? We just got our first nice day of weather last night down to the 40s. I’ll bet Jola has us all beat with the cooler weather and turning leaves. Dance night and I’m ready to shimmy it up.

    • I’d like to hear Mike play sometime; my son is pretty good on electric guitar.
      The only time I ever made a woman tremble was with anger! However, what you say is probably true.
      Poland’s latitude makes for some long and harsh winters.

  2. I must admit I’m not such woman who would be adored by other men. I simply talk to them, we try to solve different problems, they are usually my co-workers. It’s normal and natural for Polish people that if we are friends I kiss your cheek and you kiss my cheek or my hand. Such warm and direct behaviour is widely spread and accepted. I think you wouldn’t be bashful if you could meet with me in our real world, my American friend. 🙂
    Don’t be worried about cold weather in Poland, dear Tammy. We like a bit chilly air. Please look at the photo I took during my last stroll in Łazienki Park. Autumn here is beautiful.

    • In US, if you try to kiss someone who is not really familiar’s cheek, you are liable to get punched in the nose. Also, American women are not used to hand kissing but it is more wide spread than spontaneous cheek kissing. Yep, I would be bashful until I got to know you and by then you would wish you had never heard of me; I can be quite annoying because I ask a lot of questions.
      Thanks for the photo link, Jola. 🙂

  3. Mike has played “Train Train” on his guitar for many years. He should learn the banjo and mandolin.
    Snow in October means lots this winter.

    Pia is sexy.

    • Train train has been one of my favorite southern songs since i first heard it. Yep, if Mike can play guitar, he can soon master about any stringed instrument. Get him at it.
      Pia is extremely sexy!
      Thanks, Mark.

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