Songs of the hills

Two nights; two songs. Didn’t sleep well the past two nights so I sent my mind down a heretofore untrodden path. In my thoughts I composed lyrics for two songs, both bluegrass and both gospel (ok; so I’m a hypocrite). One is tentatively entitled ‘My Golden Crown’ and the other is ‘Aunt Mary in the Kitchen’. Hillbilly/bluegrass is what I call innocent music; there are no long, foreign, or high-education words; most are only four or five letters long and deal with the things familiar to hill people. It is a simple music for a simple way of life.
Iff’n I had a banjer, I’d play one of them thar tunes fer you’uns … iff’n I knowed how to play a banjer.
I think I have the Escape problems narrowed down to the transmission overdrive; on an educated hunch, I took the car out of overdrive while we were cruising along yesterday and it smoothed out and didn’t miss any more. We were almost home so I didn’t get to give it a good test but I think I am on the right trail. It will still have to go to a mechanic if I can find one I can trust. I’d rather deal with a shady lawyer than with a shade-tree mechanic who claims to know it all.
Occupy is picking up steam worldwide. The powerful one-percent are bound and determined not to allow the other ninety-nine percent of us to share in the wealth by giving us a chance to make a decent living and have a happy life. It is foulness versus fairness.
Mark Seveigny for Alderman of Gibsonville, North Carolina! Gotta start somewhere.
Have a good Worshday!

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  1. I like video. Hillbilly songs and music are sweet.
    My bad nights are bad nights and I’m usually tired next day. Your bad nights are creative, my friend.
    I can read more and more pieces of information about Occupy in my Polish newspapers. There was also a short march in Warsaw.
    Have a good day!

    • When I am laying awake at night, I have to do something. These days it is either do some creative thinking or read or go to the PC. I cannot just lay without becoming mad at myself and the world.
      Occupy is becoming very big; I don’t know what will happen when the weather gets really bad for winter; maybe move to the southern hemisphere. ๐Ÿ™‚
      Thanks, Jola. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I need to catch up on your posts.
    I never sleep well.
    Hopefully the Escape will be an inexpensive fix.

    Occupy goes no place when the cold weather comes. It will shrink but they have lots of money and donations coming in. They will get lots of warm clothing.
    Hopefully they will call for a national march on Washington very soon.

    • I think you are correct about Occupy this winter, but I also look for next spring to show even more massive protests.
      Thanks, Mark

  3. Occupy is becoming stronger by the day. I believe in the OWS movement and I really hope more and more citizens will stand up for their rights and the constitution, not that it means anything these days.

    Bluegrass music is as pure as music gets. I play my bluegrass station on Pandora at work and folks look at me like I have a problem!? I may have dreads, dress like my generation, look like I’m from the islands, rap myself, but I am a mountain man like my Paw! It takes quite a while for folks to realize I’m not the typical dread head living in Atlanta. Thanks for the video!

    If you need a mechanic let me know and I will have my dad cal you. His buddy Tracy has a show but he moved to Virginia. He alsways worked on my vehicles and is a very good guy. Very honest and great work.
    Enjoy Your Day Folks!

    • Thanks, Jeremy.
      JoJo’s dad-in-law wants to look at the Escape again. He has a buddy who owns a garage and has all the computer equipment.
      You can the boy out of the hills but … ๐Ÿ™‚

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