Another war for Holy Oil

I read where there has been a sizable oil discovery in Central Africa. Obama is sending some fully armed troops into Central Africa. For a president who declares he is going to get us out of such conflicts, doesn’t this seem a bit strange? Well, no. If major oil companies want troops sent, then there will be troops sent. Remember Kuwait and Iraq? Another tip that it is being done for Big Oil is the fact that Congress is not raising hell about the deployment of more troops in harm’s way. When big oil owns the government, things get done and most of those things are detrimental to freedoms of the ninety-nine percent. It is disquieting when government is so hush-hush about something as serious as getting more of our troops killed in the name of Holy Oil.
Did you see the video clip of the undercover cop pushing a protestor inside CitiBank just so he could arrest her for trespassing? Is this Your America?
For years I have been challenging America to wake up to the underhanded shenanigans of our politicians whom have become prostitutes to big business. Seems like with the occupy movement, some of us are suddenly climbing out of our dreamworld and realizing the financial, cultural, and educational nightmare this nation has become. We must awaken many more and show them the truth so that they may become active in the effort before the one-percent slips us a Mickey and sends us back to the sandman of complacency. In high school, I had to take a half-credit course concerning the problems of democracy. Not for one minute did it cover any of this kind totalitarianism. Wake up America!

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  1. Oil has become the Holiest thing in the world. Big corporations and politicians praise oil. This is a war that will never end, due to the billions of dollars involved. I didn’t see the video, but it doesn’t surprise me one bit. That’s the america we live in!
    What will it take for folks to wake up? I’ve been preaching for years and have woke up quite a few and with hope, I will wake many more. Keep preaching peace to the masses Paw, they need folks like in!

    • Thanks, Jeremy.
      Conservatives have preached complacency for so long that it will take awhile to get enough people awake to begin making a big difference.

  2. Oil is evil. Look what it has done to Nigeria. Until we make a legitimate commitment to alternative energy we will be beholden to other.
    Wait till Exxon-Mobil and BP release there 3rd quarter profits. Then we will see who has the money.
    Watchout fracking will be all over the U.S. with its water polluting chemicals. They are attempting to make a big push in North Carolina.

    I saw the video. Complete bullshit. That cop is going down. Occupy Wall Street is starting to get some big name lawyers behind them, who are working for free, and this will be the time to force thugs like that to get another job.

    Saturday is National Stop Police Brutality Day. Here is the link.
    I think that Occupy Wall Street is getting behind the New York protest which should make things quite interesting.

    The sleeping giant, Americans who believe in real human rights for all peoples of the world, is coming out of its slumber.

    There is a March in Atlanta on Saturday.

    • I’ve been hearing on NPR about the N.C. energy thing. Big money is being poured into some important pockets.

      Thanks for the link; something else for me to get mad about is our police state.. I saw one video of the O.W.S. where a cop sneaks in, pepper sprays a few women doing nothing wrong, and then he sneaks off.. Fortunately someone enhanced the video and found Officer Bologna’s name tag.

      Maybe Jeremy can join the Atlanta protest.

      Thanks, Mark.

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