My American Dream was born on Main Street and died on Wall Street.
Rainy this morning; should be sunny and mild for Saturday’s Occupy. The above slogan will be on my protest sign. Protests can work. Remember James G. Watt? He was a part of Ronald Reagan’s conservative insanity. Lost his job as Interior Secretary; even Reagan could not withstand the public outcry against his good friend.
Carolyn is at hairdresser and my world is peaceful.
Looking 10 years ahead seems like a long time. Looking 10 years behind is seeing the blink of an eye.
Have a Tuesday!

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  1. Time goes faster when your children are going about their business as adults and it feels like just last month you were in their place. Why aren’t there more women in political offices or offices of the corporations? The media is insulting to women and is training young boys and girls that the worth of a female is based on her bra and waist size. This gender training will make it even more difficult for those women who want to make a difference to have an open door to do so. This is my rant for today. The other day I mentioned “badges” for the kids in school. As a parent I never felt that my kids were safer with those badges, just more easily trackable. Your analogy that the badges were a way to treat our kids like “boxes of cereal” was a good one. It is a way to implement more fear-factor on them. Next step – cameras in classrooms, body scans, backpack checks, clear bookbags (to better see contents), oh yeah – too late. I find the schools don’t allow for any creativity or individuality. The tree photos are lovely. Wouldn’t it be cool if Carolyn came home with a streak of bubble-gum pink in her hair? Long week ahead of me, tired arms.

    • I remember the bra burning and grocery store strikes by women in the 70’s, and how the press more or less made fun of their efforts. There will never be equality for women as long as they are made to feel subservient to men and that is exactly what is indoctrinated into them by the Hebrew/Christian bible. Most women claim to be Christians or at least believe in Christianity, therefore they arrest any movement by liberal women who want to be treated as equals with males. I think we should have an official National Holiday called Gloria Steinem Day to be celebrated on March 25 each year.
      If the school monitoring goes on long enough, kids will grow to think it a bona fide way of life.
      Hope your wrists are getting better.
      Thanks, Tammy.

  2. The Equal Rights Amendment should have been ratified. The more women leaders we have the less war we have.

    Hard to understand why the Reagan years are revered by the right.

    • Reagan was a disaster from which we will never recover.
      Thanks, Mark.

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