Rag Doll

Marla had no illusions about Greg; to him she’s like a cup of coffee from McDonald’s drive through. She’s fine while hot and steamy but she would soon find herself tossed cold and empty along the roadside.
Be happy when the baby sleeps … soon he will awaken as a teen.
I hope for a global “Occupy” on October 15. Plan on participating in your home town; your presence and voice can make a difference.
Politicians are beginning to take notice of the Occupy Wall Street movement, and yes, with their lip service pro and con, the protests have become a legitimate movement. Hopefully, it can and will become the We The People revolution which has long been my desire.
Today I wish I had cable TV; I would love to see the Georgia-Tennessee football game.
If I were to oversee the selection of the first members of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame, the only two I would pick the first year would be Bill Haley and Elvis Presley. Michael Jackson would never have a place in it.
The Four Seasons were the first big name musical concert I ever attended … 1964 … I think. The opening act was Brenda Lee.

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  1. I watch CNN TV every evening. It seams that more and more people try to join Occupy Wall Street movement. I think it’s such time that Americans want to be together and express loudly their needs, expectations and emotions.
    Thanks for the video, dear friend. It’s sweet. πŸ™‚

  2. The Occupy movement is now global; people everywhere are tired of being controlled by a few very rich people in their countries and other countries. In Europe, it is happening in Berlin, Madrid, Rome, London, Moscow, and probably in Warsaw and many other leading cities. South American countries are becoming involved. Still politicians refuse to see the big picture and re trying to use the movement for political gains. When it began, I had no idea it would grow like it has. However, I think our friend Mark has better insight than do I and he thought it might catch on. He was correct.
    Thanks, my friend. πŸ™‚

  3. As a musician and lover of all genre of music, Michael has more place in the Hall of Fame than Elvis. Each piece of musical material that Mike worked on was original and a piece of art, not just music. Elvis was taking bits and pieces of the blues with jazz and making it his own. That’s not original in my ears! Michael was an artist that created masterpieces, unlike Elvis, just a singer. His dance moves came from Forest Gump! (haha) Folks can take credit away from Michael for whatever reason but he was one of the greatest all-around artists in history. I could care less about their personal lives for the fact that I wouldn’t want folks dipping in my business if I were famous, plus that has nothing to do with his musical creativity…
    Occupy is a great idea but it will never work because the majority of the american people are scared to stand for what they believe in. I gave up long ago, when I saw “christians” and their fellow “patriotic american” backing our government over 9/11. Anyone with a understanding of war and big corporation, especially during the Bush regime, know the US government had it all in the works to scare the american people. Then Fannie & Freddie came along. Then it went back to oil. What is Occupy standing for? I hear too many people with totally different ideologies that seem to cross each other and will never work because folks within the group have way too many differences. Amnesty International is global also, but to no avail. Democracy Now the same. We can sign petitions, which I have been doing for many years, but how far does that go. Protest? It won’t last long. Winter is coming up. My thoughts, the government has us where they want us and the majority of the folks don’t realize it. “If you don’t have the mentality of a pimp, you are someone else’s hoe.” (Aline from Pimpin Ken in Miluakee) In other words, think for yourself and believe in what you believe in! Don’t fall in their trap!!!
    Enjoy Sun-Day

    • First, I am not an Elvis lover; other than having a lot to do with the popularization of RnR, I don’t consider him as a rocker. He was in the right place at the right time with a lot of voice talent, looks, and showmanship. I am talking about the first years (1955-1962) of rock as it was cutting its teeth across a new and mobile generation of restless youth, kids who would later change the world by dropping out of the established mainstream and saying it is ok to be different. The Elvis most people know from the 70’s is not the Elvis of the mid-50’s. As far as I am concerned, his ability to piss-off the establishment and not apologizing for it is a huge factor in popularizing RnR. Too many innovators, Deep Purple and Boston and many, many more, have been and continue to be snubbed by the HoF. The Hall of Fame has always tried to be politically correct, and that is the antithesis of true R ‘n’ R. It is a popularity showcase. MJ was and is very popular, as is Madonna, and Donna Summer and their type of music will be around when all our other rock and rock sub-sets have long passed.

      Occupy can succeed because it is a different generation from the Bush era. I think the next few weeks will decide how strong the movement really is and it could falter or fail at any time. Yes, there are many different reasons people are joining Occupy, just as their were many reasons kids created the hippie movement of the 60’s. War, the power of money, inequality between the races, inequality among the genders, politicians ignoring the people, parents chasing the American Dream instead of having stable families, world hunger, high cost of education, forced military service, abusive police, the military-corporate power structure; sounds familiar to what is happening now, doesn’t it? Occupy or something similar has to happen and it has to start somewhere; why not here and now?

      Thanks, Jeremy.

  4. Occupy will mean something. It is just growing and gaining its momentum and focus everyday.
    This is a social movement. We want fully funded education, we want equality for ALL Americans. We want corporations out of politics, we want the war economy to go away, we want the prison industrial complex to stop, we want the EPA, we want corporations to pay their taxes, we are for gay marriage, we are pro-choice, we want to end poverty.


    • I am interested to see how cold weather affects turnout.
      Thanks, Mark

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