Talking About A Revolution

Has the Revolution begun? Even conservative geezerville Johnson City has an Occupy Johnson City clone of the NYC Wall Street groups. I see glimmers of hope for finacial equality everytime I watch videos of cops using riot sticks to beat unarmed protestors. Such police actions in Chicago pretty well killed the hippie movement of the 60’s; maybe this time it will empower more folk to become involved in restoring and safeguarding their liberties.
Disappointed I am; I didn’t win the Nobel Prize for Literature. A Swedish poet won this year; Tomas Transtromer beat out Bob Dylan. Haruki Murakami and myself for the prize. I suppose the fact that Transtromer is Swedish and that the prize is awarded by a Swedish organization is not pertinent. According to CNN, … the academy has had a tendency to pick obscure European writers over the past several years. Maybe I should change my name to something catchy and move to Europe; it is for sure that I am already obscure enough.
Apple’s Steve Jobs has died. I cannot say I liked him personally, but he was definitely a superb leader, innovator, and salesman. He changed the world of personal communications and entertainment along with creating jobs for many Chinese citizens.
I am being disenfranchised as a voter; Tennessee has a new law which forces anyone wanting to vote to show a state or Federal I.D. card with the individual’s photo on it. A driver’s license will suffice. However, Tennessee also has an old law that says people over age 60 do not have to have their photo on their driver’s license. The new law is another Republican sponsored attempt to require every American citizen to have a an I.D. Sooner or later, it is going to happen even though it is most likely unconstitutional. Of course, the Constitution has become a mere piece of history for right-wing extremists to trample upon whenever they have a knee-jerk whim. They have made the document much the same as they have the bible; it means whatever they choose for it to mean.
Have a great … Thursday already?

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  1. What an odd comment of CNN. I don’t agree with CNN, of course. Günter Grass (Germany), Imre Kertész (Hungary), Orhan Pamuk (Turkey) or Doris Lessing (UK) are really great writers. Tomas Tranströmer is a good friend of Wisława Szymborska (Poland) who was awarded with Nobel Prize for Literature in 1996, and you know her poetry well, my friend. 🙂
    Yes, move to Europe; it’s a good idea. On the other hand, I wonder if it is really good place for you. All people who live in the countries of European Union have their I. D. cards. I have such card too. Yes, it’s the card with the photo of me.
    Sad news about Steve Jacobs. I really admired this guy.
    Thanks for the video of Tracy Chapman. What a great surprise! I have the compact disc with her most beautiful songs. She is very talented. I haven’t realized that she is so pretty.
    Have a lovely Friday all of you, my American friends, and please forgive my broken English.

    • You are correct about the Nobel writers; however most of them are very obscure in U.S., especially among the non-intellectuals which includes most of our population including me. I’m happy for Mr. Transtromer and I’m sure he deserved the prize. I sure could have used that $1.5 million, though. I suppose I will just have to win the Pulitzer prize for fiction; it doesn’t pay nearly as much but I can glow in my success. 🙂
      I.D. cards are about as un-American as anything I can think of; we still need our privacy and freedom. I don’t want the government to know where I am and what I am doing at all times … or at any time.
      Tracy Chapman is a fine singer; puts me in mind of some of the 60’s folk singers.
      Thanks, Jola.

  2. It will interesting to see who gets the peace prize. Bradley Manning has support.

    No matter what one thinks about Steve Jobs he along with his Apple team have greatly changed the landscape of the world.

    Go to one of the meetings and see what it is all about. Chance is coming.

    The Repubs are gaining ground on disenfranchising voters. This is one thing that will be part of the occupy movement. The federal id is frightening. Would they put RFID chips in them or something along those lines.

    • I will probably crutch to the Oct. 15 protest.
      A bunch of NC voters are getting screwed as congressional redistricting is overseen by Repubs.; it will happen in Tenn..
      Th national ID will come and then the tracking chips will come. Your ID will be your driver’s license, your voter card, your debit card, and anything else they can use to keep you in control.
      Thanks, Mark.

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