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Save our rural post offices! The United States Congress is on a rampage of rape and pillage throughout the nation—targeting mostly the poor, the young, the ill, and the elderly—and closing 2,600 postal facilities across the country is another slap-down to the people who most need their local offices. The U.S. postal system is a government corporation and is supposed to be self-sufficient but it needs help. Obama, McCain, and most of the rest of Congress busted their asses to bailout Wall Street, so now it is time to serve We The People by saving the oldest public institution in the U.S. Wake up, America!
The photo of Sammy which I posted yesterday was made by Ashley but she used my camera so I should get some of the credit!
I think Carolyn may have her old van sold; I hope so because she has little use for it and it is a gasoline hog.
Gonna get cold tonight and be very wet and chilly tomorrow, more like November than October. I suppose I will have to start wearing long pants, socks, and underwear again.
Have a pleasant weekend, Dear Ones.

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  1. I love photo of Sammy. He is so lovely little boy. Sometimes I feel as he was a little boy of all of us, a bit at least. Thanks for sharing, dear friend.
    Rural post offices (and not only rural) are still very needed, so I think American government will save them.
    Shop window photo is very good. Variety of different tiny items moves me. Besides, I simply like such sort of photos. Hope you remember street photos I took in Vienna.
    Weather in Warsaw is changeable. I’ve caught a cold.

  2. I hope you all feel like Sammy is a bit of you because he is very special to me.
    I well remember your street photos from Vienna and and other places. You do them so well.
    Sorry you have caught a cold; stay warm and take care of your self; drink lots of fluid and take a tablespoon full of honey a few times each day.
    Thanks, Jola. 🙂

  3. The post office does not need to make a profit. Do the police, fire, military and other government agencies exist to make a profit. Sure they need to be more efficient. I have thought for years that a very very large percent should be closed on Saturdays and be open from 8 to 8 during the week. Although I hate to say it it may make sense for them to put a post office in Super Crap Mart and Super Target’s. There are some post offices that should close and since those buildings are quite often NOT owned by the government and they are paying rent on long term leases they should negotiate a payoff of the lease at an acceptable rate, lower than what the long term payout would have been, and make that payoff tax free. Most of those offices are owned by a member of the community and that person could see a nice cash windfall. They could also work with that individual to find someone who would rent the building when it was not located within another business, as is the case in many rural areas.

    One thing they did that irks me is that they took out the cash operated vending machines for stamps. I know you can still get stamps without going to the counter but you have to use a debit card. In this day and age they should have the machines where you can use cash or debit cards.
    I do not use my debit card for every little purchase. Cash is still an acceptable form of payment, for now

    Most people do not realize how important the rural post office in many communities across the country.

    I have more on this subject if you want it.

    • The post service has been using facilities which belong to private citizens since before this nation was invented. I’ve seen post offices inside service stations, roadside stores, and even in a small-town bus station. The service usually got decently priced long-term leases for them for they brought customers into the facilities. However, putting them in supermarts is not a good way to go unless the stores are willing to pay the postal service for bringing in the extra customers. However, people are not going to make a special trip across town to a Wally-world, park a long way from the door, walk in the rain to the building, fight a holiday crowd, and then have to struggle to some out of the way place inside to send a small package or buy a book of stamps. Many old, ill, or disabled people must rely on the whims of family members, friends, or service agencies to get a simple letter mailed and if there is a local postal facility nearby, the more likely these people will use it more often. It is the same with many unemployed who can’t afford to own a car much less buy gasoline; it does them another disservice to just to try to get a resume mailed. Everyone now days uses convenience stores and they would be much more suitable for a local post office than would be Megamartworld. Wally-world won’t be able to give discounts on postal services like it does prescription drugs and Supermart can’t expect someone to get a yearning to buy a stamp like they do Big Macs. History shows that anytime the government makes a big contract with corporate America, the taxpayers are going to get screwed. I would rather get screwed in small local facilities than in huge stores where I have to go through a hassle to get anything done. The government, by law (usually ignored) is required to use vendors which are woman and minority owned. I think we would see a lot more private individual owned convenience stores if the postal service was allowed or forced to deal with local people as much as possible.

      To me, it boils down to more of our national heritage being discarded. There are many ways the postal service can cut costs without shaming our heritage. Five day delivery is a good start. Using people more efficiently is another way. Like cops, I’ve never seen a mail deliverer pass up a donut and they spend an enormous amount of time in 7-11 when they could be a lot of it to deliver mail. One carrier delivers more mail on longer routes which should require fewer carriers and support. Where I used to live, several mail carriers met at 10am to drink coffee and have donuts at a convenience store which would take an hour or more. Sometime during the day, all three of these mail trucks would pass the same corner near my house on their regular routes and they drove the same streets and roads to and from the post office. It happened like that because the gov. shut down the nearest (and very busy) post office to me. It put me and many carriers driving an extra 6 mile round trip to the post office. It tuned out to be a net loss for everyone; all the government gained was eliminating the lease price on the small building but it was more than offset by wasted gasoline and other transportation and people factors.

      Thanks, Mark.

      Yep, that was a pisser when they took out the popular vending machines from the post office lobbies.

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