Happy Birthday, Carolyn!!!

A beautiful flower she is

Happy Birthday, Carolyn. Sixty-five and still Beautiful!
About to get my body fluid balance back and when I do so, I should be back to normal as far as writing goes. The possum story is finished in my mind and I have to get it to run down my arms and through my fingertips into the PC.
Another subsidized and legal murder is about to take place in Georgia. There are serious doubts about the convict’s guilt, but the God fearing people of that state have decided to kill Troy Davis anyway just in case he is a murderer; his execution is due to take place tomorrow. Wouldn’t it be nice if the United States were to take its place alongside the other civilized nations of the world by outlawing capital punishment? It would be a way to begin regaining some of the international respect we have lost over the past decade.
I just saw Chicken Little running down the road hollering the sky will fall come Friday! Hell, why not? Everything else has happened.
The$10 million per year salary of the C.E.O. of Bank of America has convinced him that the company needs to fire 3,000 every day people. Makes my milk curdle!
I’ve been watching via Netflix the very first episodes (1975) of NBC’s Saturday Night which later was renamed Saturday Night Live (SNL). I watched the show fairly often back in its early days, at least until most of the original players moved on to bigger and better things. The cast was made up of young men and women whom were pretty well just breaking into big-time show business. The original group had a mix of men and women, but only one black person, Garrett Morris. In the late 60’s through most of the 70’s, a lot of TV shows had a “token” negro mainly because it was “the thing to do” because of the Civil Rights movement, and because producers and studios were beginning to realize there was a huge audience of black consumers whom were becoming more affluent and able to buy sponsor’s products. Yep, many of the promos also had a token black person onscreen. I always figured Morris was SNL’s token negro.
The old shows got me to thinking about then and now, and how African-Americans are presented on modern TV. Of course, much has changed and a black actor no longer has to be a Fred Sanford to be appreciated by most people. Much to do yet.
I wonder if Barack Obama considers himself as a token black president?
Congratulations to Cyrus and Megashot.net; they finally were able to get the new servers online and everything seems much faster and snappier.
Back to the eye doctor for me tomorrow; more dilating to bear through.
Have a Tuesday!

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  1. Happy birthday Carolyn. I think those “token” black folk were, and are, brave individuals who probably faced/face plenty of ob-stac-els towards equality. Oddly enough when I see Prez Obama I don’t see him as black or white – I just see him as a person in power with a ton of money. Now that I think about it for the most part I don’t really see people black or white. Perhaps some may say this is a luxury I have by being a white girl all my life or perhaps it simply means that I judge, or try to judge based on the actions of a person and not their age, color, or social status. I suppose it depends on who you ask. Hope you get to feeling better soon. and I’ll agree, we have a ways to go. I’m not sure how I feel on capital punishment and I think about it from time to time – some parts of me find it appalling but other parts of me feel sometimes it may be justified. Go ahead and let me have it now! 🙂

    • Happy Birthday Carolyn!

      • Carolyn said thank you, Alice and Tammy. 🙂

    • I remember there were a lot of people chastising everything about the token situation. Black people were more inclined to come down on the actors and white people claimed that it was networks and sponsors doing disservice to blacks. I don’t see Obama as black or white, but sometimes he acts like he is a token something.
      I will never be for capital punishment as long as there is a possibility that an innocent person will die for another person’s crime and it does happen. I wonder what would have happened if Davis had been white and there were this many misgivings about his guilt? It is difficult not to think about race when it comes to dealing with remnants of the Old South. However, I’ve seen times when someone hurts a child or old person that I would have liked to hang them with rusty bobwire.
      Thanks, Tammy

  2. Happy Birthday Carolyn!
    I love that you call her a Beautiful Flower.
    I only guess what ‘token negro’ means, but it’s very sad, I think. There were (are) different racial and religious prejudices in my country too. Anti-Semitism is the the worst and it really hurts me and makes me disgusted.
    Be well, my American friends.

    • Carolyn said thank you for the birthday wish.
      Antisemitism is strong in areas here, too, usually going along with other racial and ethnic prejudices.
      Thanks, Jola.

  3. Happy Birthday Carolyn.

    • Heh Heh! She loved it and said Thank You Mark!

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