Sunday update

Inquisitve little sparrow

Finally got out and made a few photos yesterday. All my attempts were from the car and are not as good as they could have been had I been standing. I would have made several more shots but my camera batteries finally died and someone had removed my spare sets from the Escape console and from my camera bag. Anyway, I had fun shooting what I was able to get and I was actually tired at bedtime last evening.
I hope to finish the possum story tomorrow; I am having to do some heavy-duty recollecting and a bit of exaggeration on a point or two. I need to finish it and a few more I have begun; my ability to type is becoming more difficult seemingly by the day. I may have to begin using dictation software but I don’t want to; I tried it once and it is almost as much hassle as typing with sore fingers.
Thanks to Jola for today’s photo; it is a native Polish sparrow; a female, I think. Jola is a very good photographer and she precisely nailed the depth-of-field and focus on this little bird.
Have a thoughtful Sunday, my friends.

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  1. My sparrow loves your blog, my friend. πŸ™‚
    I’m happy you could made the photos yesterday and I’m not surprised you were tired at bedtime last evening.
    Please take care of yourself. We love you and your writing. I send my healing touches for your sore fingers, and I look forward for the 3th part of the possum story.
    BTW, words ‘inquisitive’ and ‘thoughtful’ are rather new for me. I guess their meanings but I like to check all details in my dictionaries.

  2. Healing touches are welcome, my friend. I feel better already.
    “Thoughtful” >> thinking a lot about someone or something.
    “Inquisitive” >> Questioning via words, acts, or, in the case of your sparrow, body positioning.
    Thanks, Jola. πŸ™‚

  3. Jola has a special relationship with wildlife and nature. I’ll call her the Bird Queen. Lovely photo. The possum story is great and I’m enjoying it. VR software has put many a transcriptionist out of business by cheap-ass doctors; however, I am glad it is available for folks who really need it. you’ve been typing a bunch this past week and it is no wonder your fingers are sore. I’ll repeat myself this day: “They call it Stormy Monday but Tuesday’s just as bad.”

    • Jola seems to love and get along well with her little feathered friends. Back when I tried VR software (1998), it took hours of “training” the software to recognize my voice; I understand it is much easier now. “Stormy Monday” is one of my favorite blues songs.
      Thanks, Tammy

    • Nice to hear such words, Tammy. Thank you. πŸ™‚

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