Win woes

I don’t have much to say today so here goes:
Just what Hillary needs; a push from a puke!
I hate to do it, but I suppose I am going to have to shell out nearly $200 for Windows7 Premium; my WinXP is becoming harder to manage each day. Except for one needed program for Carolyn’s business, I could get by with Win7 Home but I needs Premium’s virtual machine to run the old software. Actually, if not for needing the one bookkeeping program (Quickbooks), I could happily get by with Ubuntu, Fedora, or one of the other Linux distros which are all as good as windows and free of charge. I don’t need anti-virus software slowing down my machine with Linux. Nothing would please me more than to tell Microsoft to go to hell. Win7 is good, but MS could still get very rich by selling it at $50 a pop. Linux does have a good accounting program, but it is old fashioned double-entry which can be hard to learn if you don’t know accounting basics to begin with and it does not import Windows Quickbooks files.
I have Ubuntu Linux on a partition on this PC, but usually boot to XP because I use the bookkeeping program nearly everyday. I took XP off of my laptop and run only Ubuntu on it. My Droid X phone uses Google’s Android OS which is a version of Linux. Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Chrome browsers were originally built for use on Linux. Linux has all but replaced Microsoft in the server market which means that most pages you visit on the net reside on hard drives controlled by Linux. One thing that Linux doesn’t have which Microsoft is lousy with is marketing money, thus they remain a niche OS.
This country has come to feel the same when Congress is in session as when the baby gets hold of a hammer.
~ Will Rogers
Have a good day, my friends!

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  1. Listen to Cheney. He always has America’s best in his vampire heart.

    So many programs. Makes me confused.

    • Yep, computer programs are like political agendas; every politician has own favorite … usually his.
      I’ve been using Chrome browser off and on for a couple of years and really like its speed. I browsed you tube this morning without a hitch; Firefox would have crashed. This Firefox problem began with version 4.** and has not been cured.
      Thanks, Mark

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