Wet Worshday

A minimum of two each hour 24 hours per day. In the front part of the house, they are a minor sound on the periphery of the mind. In the back part, they sound like they are crawling in bed with us. The Wabash Cannonball lives on with all its jingle, rumble, and roar! The Norfolk-Southern mainline is closer to the house than I suspected; in fact, only about 100 feet away from my bed. The worst is the air horns; there are grade crossings not too far from each end of the house and the trains blast coming and going. Everyone says I will get used to them and not pay the racket any attention, but it is difficult to believe anything that loud can be ignored. For some reason, there have been far fewer trains this weekend; I suppose they also have holidays. However, the number is steadily increasing as this day wears on.
The moving is basically over; all the big stuff is here and mostly what is left are my boxed-up books. Just in time, too; our first threat of eviction came in the mail Saturday. Life is good in hard-working middle America.
Like Tammy said, there is not much to celebrate for America’s working people. Jobs are still being lost at a much higher rate than new ones are created and more people are depending on their already stressed families for support. Foreclosures are once more on the rise as home values fall and banks are putting the pinch on small businesses. No one seems to care except the people most affected.
It is a wet Worshday in East Tennessee; have a good one, my friends.

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  1. Not good news, my friend. If the trains are so close it must be v. noisy. Did the owner tell you about this line? I also hope that you will get used to them; partly, at least.
    I’m going to Polish seaside; just for a few days.
    Please take care of yourself.

    • The owner didn’t say anything about the RR, but Carolyn heard a train go by when she first visited the house. She was in the front part and the noise wasn’t bad. Even with the trains, I am sleeping well.
      Have fun on the Baltic, my friend. 🙂

  2. Thr trains say Welcome to the world of the Pezmzn. Trains fine, horms suck. They are hard to ignore although they do not always wake me up.

    • Some of my trains don’t blow the horns even with dangerous crossings all over the place.
      Thanks, Mark.

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