Ain’t gonna study war no more

In my post about the Civil War, Mark left a comment to the effect that we did not learn much from the war and I agree with him. It is my thinking that making war is a natural state of humans; we want to study war but to forget lessons. We are the only species that collectively makes war for any reason or for no reason. I don’t know if the primitive ancestors of modern humans waged war without cause, but I believe that only a large-brained species capable of logical thought would do such a thing. I do not think it is possible for homo sapiens to not make war on each other; it is a part of our evolutionary makeup and can only end when we evolve into a new homo whatever. The need for war may be so deeply imbedded into our brain stems that evolution cannot erase it and in fact, we may become more warlike in our next incarnation as a species. First, however, we must survive before we can evolve, and the way we go about killing each other for no reason may prove to make it a moot point; maybe monkeys will have to start evolving all over again. If my theory is not the case, then God must be playing one hell of a game with his children as pawns.
I wager that at least some of the children in the video will someday find themselves on some foreign soil trying to kill other people for reasons they will never fully understand. We are what we are.
Speaking of children: “New statistics from the national Feeding America network of Second Harvest food banks show 30.8 percent, or nearly one-third, of children in Northeast Tennessee do not have enough food to eat due to limited family income and lack of access to resources.”
We The People feed children in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq better than we nourish our own. Wake up America! Read more:

Big girl

The photo is a quick snapshot of five-year-old Breanna modeling “Ganny” Carolyn’s glasses. Bre is my first cousin twice removed but she considers Carolyn and I as another set of grandparents. I hope she knows no war.
Thursdays are good days; have one on me!

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  1. Especially, last events in Libya were so tragic. War always destroys our life.
    Breanna is pretty girl. What could she see through these glasses? I think nothing except a gentle mist but she is happy. 🙂
    The statistics are similar in my country; on third of children have not enough food to eat because their parents don’t earn too much money or they lost their job. Sad!

  2. Beautiful child. Hope she never goes hungry. I do realize so many do. It hurts my heart.

  3. I can imagine some parents of those little gems had a stroke when they found out they were singing this song. Good for the kids and teachers.

    I suspect that even early man had some type of wars although in the early days of man it was much more about food and it has evolved into the power grab it has today As an alleged “Christian” nation we have failed to read and understand the concepts put forth in the bible. Does these folks actually read what their “GOD” actually is saying.

    If we continue to have the need to make people “not like us” into “us” then then we are in big trouble. As the bumper sticker says we are “One Human Family” and the longer we act differently we put the future of mankind at risk.

    The fact that we let children go without food is an unacceptable fact. We have the food, resources and money to make sure this does not happen. I guess we do not have the heart.
    Very very sad. We have lost our way in the race for corporate profits and world domination by those very same corporate leaders.

    What happened to make us cold and heartless?

    • Being a Christian nation allows us to re-create God in our individual images much like we create other designer drugs.

      Hunger in America is hard to fathom, especially among children. The “ME” generation lives on.

      Thanks, Mark

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