Wednesday brunch

Jeremy and Courtney update: Courtney flew back to Chicago alone on the 22nd, went for her first radiation treatment on 23rd  and flew back to Atlanta that night; she could not bear the thoughts of being in a strange place alone for five weeks. The doctors there had her treatments transferred to Emory University in Atlanta. She will still have to occasionally return to Chicago for tests, but is happy to be home with Jeremy and the dogs … at least she was happy until this past Monday. While Jeremy was driving her to hospital for her first Atlanta treatment, they were involved in a seven-car accident which totaled their car. They are both ok, but very bewildered.
Keegan update: He is in beautiful South Korea where he is due to spend the next six months; his FB comment upon arrival: “got to korea today, very nice place :)”.
Allergies which have plagued me for many days are about gone; yesterday was a good day and I hope for 7,000 consecutive and similar days in the future.

Something to play with when you have the blues: Play me a tune.
Click on the other links at the bottom of the square for more interactive fun stuff.
Have a smiling Wednesday, my friends.

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  1. It’s a smiling Wednesday because:
    1. I love Neil Young (he is a wonderful musician and … so sexy man).
    2. I love this small family: Jeremy Courtney and their dogs. I’m happy they are together.
    3. I love fact that different things are so simple for young people (Keegan and his “got to korea today, very nice place”). Short twitter style of writing.
    4. I played a tune. Sweet. Thanks v. much for the link.
    5. I’m happy you had a good day and I love your words: “I hope for 7,000 consecutive and similar days in the future”.
    Actually my day was hard (in the office) but I read you blog – dear friend – and my mood it’s much better now. 🙂

  2. 1. I will accept your word that Neil is sexy.
    2. Jeremy and Courtney have been together since they were about 17 yrs. old.
    3. Keegan hardly ever says much.
    4. I’ve been using the tune thingy for about a year; almost got the tune “Chop Sticks” out of it once.
    5. 7,000 days is more than 19 years; I didn’t want to sound hoggish and wish for 20 years.
    Hope the remainder of the week is easier for you and I am always happy when my friends read my stuff and smile or feel better.
    Thanks, my friend. 🙂

  3. Neil and Bruce the old wise men of rock.

    Jeremy and Courtney could stand for some good things too come their way.

    Korea is a whole lot better than the alternatives.

    Sinus problems are a bummer. They consume your being, well they for me anyhow.

    • My sinus will not get real bad until cooler weather sets in. Normal is bad enough, though.
      Thanks, Mark

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