New adventure

View looking south-southeast from front porch of rental house

This afternoon we meet with the owner of the house we will be renting so as to to sign the lease; we should be able to begin moving stuff Saturday; I want everything moved by August 31. There is much to do with getting electricity and water turned on, get an address change, getting internet service switched, and other small tasks I cannot think of right now. Odd, I was on crutches when we moved into this house 17 years ago and I will leave it on the same pair of sticks; there were some very good free-walking years in-between. I will probably be off the net for an unknown period, but will still have the Droid to check on a few sites. I already feel better with some of our living pressures reduced.
Have a great Wednesday, my friends.

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  1. we will be sending you good luck and smooth sailing into your new home.

    • Thank you, Tammy. We will need plenty of luck.

  2. Yes, good luck. 🙂 However, I know that after 17 years it’s not easy to leave the old house. Please don’t forget to kiss the birds and the squirrels which live on your porch. They will miss you, and we – here – will miss you and your blog, our dear friend.

    • I am leaving a sack of bird food and some corn with a neighbor; he will the critters them and I hope he gets some enjoyment from them. I shouldn’t be away from my blog for very long; actually I can do it from the Droid if I feel enough burning desire to write. 🙂
      Thanks, Jola. 🙂

  3. Where is the house?
    Do you know yet what your new address will be?
    Is it all one level so you won’t have problems with the crutches.
    Good Luck with the move.

    • The house is on Berry Ridge Rd just outside of Jonesborough and near David Crockett High School.
      I think it is 465 Berry Ridge Rd Jonesborough 37659; we forgot to ask the house number. I will let you know when I find it.
      There are four steps up to the front porch and the rest of it all on one level. It has a full basement but I won’t be in there very much.
      I will post a photo of it.
      Thanks, Alice 🙂

  4. Rock n Roll bud. A house is much better than an apartment.

    Do yourself a favor and hire a local mover. Cheaper than you think and it really is worth it.

    Less stress for you and views of the mountains to boot.

    The basement can become your photo studio.

    • We priced a mover when we came to our present house but the cost was outrageous then. We have a few weeks to get things moved and two vans for hauling small stuff. We will probably rent a U-Haul and get the big stuff moved all in one day. We have some big boys to do the heavy work.
      I probably won’t see the basement until i get my knee replaced; I haven’t seen the one in my present house in more than a year.
      Thanks, Mark.

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