Mutts at my feet

Michelle Bachmann won a test vote among Iowa Republicans; that is the best political news I’ve heard since McCain picked the Alaskan airhead as running mate. I hope the 2012 Republican ticket consists of Bachmann and Rick Perry.
We are house shopping again today; We now have a choice of two that we like. One is near where we now live and the other is the one we applied for two weeks ago; the owner called yesterday and said it was ours if we want it. It has a view of the mountains.
My blogging will be more erratic than ever as we go through this process. Wish us luck, my friends.
Have a great Worshday, Dear ones.

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  1. I can see the dogs and I can see a little ball-toy. It moves me. 🙂
    It’s very important time of your life. Yes, I wish you luck, my dear friend. I keep my fingers crossed for you and your family.

    • They have toys all over the house; of course there is one special one they both like and want to fight over.
      So far my luck is holding … bad!
      Thanks, Jola. 🙂

  2. Will be thinking of you. I’m sure this is not an easy process. hope you get a place with some sort of nature available. those are not little dogs!

    • Hope we can do some good today with the houses.
      Yep, pretty big eating machines are the dogs.
      Thanks, Tammy.

  3. Mountain views sound quite right to me.

    Bahaha. Bachman and Perry. Obama has a better than average chance if either of those wing nuts get the nomination. Bachman has never done a thing as far a legislation and Perry has done many things which he will hammered on. Also both are members of the American Taliban.

    If Bachman got elected would her husband become the first gay “first lady.

    • As much as I dislike Obama’s presidential portfolio, he would be better than anyone the Republicans can produce. I still see no one to vote for in any case. First lady Mr. Bachmann does have some fancy dance moves; he should be a hit at state parties and dinners. I bet he wears a mean lampshade.
      Thanks, Mark.

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