Tuesday beat …

Today Courtney is flying from Atlanta to Chicago to be diagnosed as to what the correct methods should be to address her cervical cancer. She will probably undergo surgery while there and may be in the Windy City for a week or more. Jeremy is supposed to drive to our house from Atlanta and drop off the dogs for us to sit and he will then fly from here to Chicago to join Courtney.
Carolyn is off to hair dresser; she is now going on Tuesdays instead of Wednesdays. Then she has to go to post office and send our satellite receivers back to Directv. Their representative was very nice in dealing with our situation and except for the skyrocketing prices, they have been a good company to work with. I don’t entirely blame them for the consumer costs because the production studios are the main culprits in gouging Americans for what has become their staple entertainment feature. For less than $10 per month with Netflix and the ability to receive my local channels off-air, I have as much visual entertainment as I can stand.
Did anyone read the CNN article concerning school cheating on standardized tests in Georgia, especially Atlanta? It isn’t the students cheating, it is the teachers and administrators. These people are entrusted to provide the best education possible for children, but are instead changing test scores so that they will receive monetary bonuses because the kids do so well on the tests. Administrators are threatening teachers and school principals with their jobs if they don’t get better test results from the pupils and in many cases, have followed through with their threats.
America is very sick.
Have a Tuesday, y’all.

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  1. poor Courtney having to undergo such an event at a young age. we will wish her well. It is strange how in some ways racism has come so far and in other ways not so much. Mike is walking the fence about the cable still. I’m ready to pull the plug right now but he keeps hinting about football season. I’ll bet he wants to hang on until January. We’ve done without cable in the past and I found that time liberating. We got out the board games, cards, lit candles, played and made music, worked on projects, read, sewed, talked, and even danced! The tube can be a mind numbing box in the living room. It would be good if more people got off its bad habit. Be well.

    • I think Courtney’s biggest scare so far was getting on the plane; never flown before. She tweeted last night and was thoroughly pissed; someone told her she had an Alabama accent.
      I will miss the Lady Vol basketball games, but other than that, I am glad the satellite is gone. We watched The Great Scout and Cathouse Thursday last night; I’d seen it before and Carolyn enjoyed it too. We get national an local news off the air but I do miss not getting PBS. The only TV we have now that works is in our bedroom.
      Thanks, my friend.

  2. Remember freedom and prejudice can’t exist side by side. If you choose freedom, fight prejudice.
    Well said.

    It’s much better for Courtney if Jeremy joins her in Chicago. C&J in Chicago, the dogs in JC; v. good solution!
    It’s v. interesting article. I hope to save it (my first attempt wasn’t successful). Thanks, my friend.

    • Thanks, my friend.
      The struggle for freedom is never ending and the greatest threat always lies with in; in the US, our threat is from uneducated voter lethargy.

  3. If they would just teach the kids and do away with the tests we would be much better off. They have to teach the test and not educate fertile young minds. This cheating goes on in every district in the country that has these tests. It is all a matter of how they cheat.

    • The standardized tests were just getting started when I was in 8th grade and we did another in 10th. However, when I went to school, if a kid didn’t make passing grades, he was not promoted … simple as that. We had no great teachers but they were not bad teachers either; every student had a chance. Of course, there were no remedial schools or classes for slow learners back then, but the pace wasn’t so fast that most kids couldn’t keep up and they did have tutors. Now, there is too much pressure to teach and learning has fallen by the wayside.
      Thanks, mu friend.

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