Judas Obama

Just which people are you talking about when you say “the American people want …”, Mr. I-again-sold-my-soul President? There are other patriotic Americans in this nation besides selfish Tea Party hard cores, wealthy Republicans, and wimpy Democrats. I hope next election you and your Congressional handlers find out just whom we are and how mad you and your ilk have made us. Shame, shame, Barack. Phooey!
If the Tea Party has its way—and it seems to be doing just that—the American economy will be set back to pre-Civil War days. I admit, that should take care of the illegal immigrant problem; simply put African-Americans back in the fields where the belong. This should starve the illegals plumb back across the border where they belong. These American “people of color” have been emancipated for almost 150 years, but maybe the Republicans can pass a law requiring them to become indentured servants where they can work for no wages and be taken care of by owners of the fields where they will be laboring. In return, these semi-slaves will receive housing and all other necessities from their pseudo owners. Individuals cannot be sold, but families may be traded between different owners. The workers will also have the right to drive their own automobiles each Sunday afternoon so they can visit kin and friends; however they will not own autos because they cannot afford them. Half of these servants will have Sunday’s off from work one week and the other half will can be off the next Sunday; it all depends on harvesting. At times, none will be allowed off until the crops are gathered.
Having black folk doing the stoop labor will make available more “regular” work for the white folks which should go a long way to putting all Americans back to work; we will all once again be prosperous. God Bless the Conservative Right! Double Phooey!
Hopefully I will be over my mad enough by tomorrow that I can get back to regular, mundane blogging. Have a Tuesday, my friends.

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  1. I hope you’ll check out my post on this subject.

    • Thank you, bird; I visited and left a comment.

  2. What is wrong that they all (the parties and president) agreed for higher public debt? It prevented USA against bankruptcy what seemed to be terrible for everyone; for people from Europe too.
    There are different “tea parties” in Europe too. Anders Behring Breivik from Norway has been their loyal son. We still mourn for his victims.

    Have a good Tuesday, my friend.

    • The higher debt is not the problem; it is how the people with the least means to do so have to pay it back. The wealthy in America pay very little, if anything, in taxes. The poor pay very little because they have nothing to pay with. The rest of us have to carry the load and in these times of lost and low paying jobs, it is difficult and it is immoral for us to do so. There are more wealthy people in America than in the rest of the world combined; they need to share the tax load with the middle-class workers.
      Thanks, Jola.

  3. Lets see where we are.

    Tougher abortion laws, everything getting privatized, gas prices rising, cost of everyday goods rising, corporations making larger profits, no spending on research, no spending on alternative enegy, higher college costs, cutting education funding, cutting arts education, rising health care costs, homes prices still falling, wars in Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Libya. US soldiers in Yemen. Protests and killings in Syria. Protests in Egypt and Israel. Cameras getting put all over the place for “public safety”, the FAA is unfunded and has layed off 4000 employees.

    All of this while Americans who are working have stagnat wages and are getting priced to death on higher gas, food. insurance, cable tv and internet costs.

    We can’t spend what we do not have. If you do not raise wages we can not spend more on things we really do not need. Simple.

    • The underlying problem is lethargy of the American people; until enough of us speak as one for accountable government, nothing will change. Can you imagine the big grins and back slaps and hand shakes that have gone on in the halls of legislation for the past two days. There never was a budget crisis; this has all been a made-up circus. Congress and the President never for a moment considered allowing the the government’s credit rating to be cut. That might have united enough people to cause “Real Change”, and that would be intolerable for politicians.
      Thanks, mark.

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