Just say "No!"

Mr. President, use your power of veto to stop any legislation that will allow Congress to vote on a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution. Even if you think the amendment bill could not pass in today’s Congress, you should know by now that Republicans cannot be trusted in any shape, form, or fashion; if they can coerce, bribe, or steal the bill into law, they will heartily do so. It is a can of worms. Do not wimp out on this; such a bill is in no way helpful to a huge majority of Americans or America.

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  1. Ken & Alice, If you have any more specific details about what you recall of soapmaking I’d love to hear your tidbits. I do a quite a bit of notetaking with my own processes and I’d like to jot down what you recall in my own notes for nostalgic purposes you might say. There may be something you recall that would be pertinant to my own process now i.e., was the soap colored in any way? scented in any way? how was it shaped? How long, if any, to cure? how well did it clean? Thanks. I sit at your feet..

    • Tammy, I suppose the soap was about as natural as it could get. Mom had a few hand-made wooden molds and the soap that came from them was slightly hourglass shaped. Most of the soap was poured onto cloth which had been placed in rectangular metal cake pans, allowed to cool a bit and then carried onto the back porch where it sat and hardened for several days. It was then dumped onto a table and cut into cakes about 3″ x 4″. I suppose they were about 1″ thick. As for scent, it wasn’t particularly pleasant, but not strong either. I could smell the hog fat and some of the lye (more lye scent from the cakes made from canned lye). The ones they made for clothes washing did leave a scent in the material, but after a day or two of wear, it was pretty well gone. We wore the same clothes for several days; we didn’t have many changes. If the ashes were a bit gritty, the soap would literally rip the hide off a misbehaving kid but as far as cleaning, it seemed to clean very well without a lot lather. However, when they could afford it, they bought Oxydol brand powdered detergent for the clothes and my mama usually had a cake of scented soap for her own use.
      I hope this helps and I hope Alice has some more memories of soap making.
      Thanks, Tammy

  2. I try to understand American affairs. It was a piece of news in Polish newspaper that Republicans agreed for the higher public deb, on the other hand Obama promised that he will not increase the taxes for people who’re the richest in America. Besides, President Obama is ready to cut some social benefits. Now Republicans are afraid that he will cut also military expenses. All these things are a bit complicated for me.

    • All these things are complicated to Americans, too. They are made hard to understand by our scheming politicians.
      Thanks, Jola. 🙂

  3. I wanted to write: ‘debt’. Sorry for my mistake.

  4. Where did we go so wrong?????????

    • Watergate; Nixon not being held responsible for his crimes?

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