Mis-made modern miracle machines

Thin Lizzy
is one of the most underrated rock bands in the history of history. I think their little foray into the world of disco hurt them immensely with mainstream rockers, but if the front man had not died, I believe they would have been forgiven and gone on to receive the acclimation that most of their music deserved.


I’m still here … since about 3pm Wednesday, I, along with JJ and Carolyn, have been trying to get the Blu-Ray player to stay connected to the internet when it is powered off, and trying to get Netflix to work when the Blu-Ray player (with internet receiver built in) is working. Finally got Netflix on after two calls to support but still when I turn the player off, it disconnects from the router and I have to use my laptop computer while sitting in front of the TV and go through a reconnect procedure to get back on the net. We twice contacted LG, the maker of the Blu-Ray player, and they had me reset the machine back to factory defaults, go through the entire setup procedure once more, but it did not fix the problem. All I can do is leave the player on all the time. I suppose I will return the player to Amazon and try some other device to make this stuff work.
Sammy is over while his mom runs errands; so far he has grunted and slept. He doesn’t seem to be in any mood for further training in the fine art of being a desirable stud so I will hold off to later. Chris and Ashley are going to try to finish the rain-shortened yard sale tomorrow; I will maybe have some chances to continue his education when no one is looking or listening.
Have a super weekend!

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  1. I like this band!
    What a pity it doesn’t work; it’s so nice name: Blu-Ray Player.
    Today I could such little baby like Sammy in subway when I was getting back home. He (or she) was sleeping, and I couldn’t believe that he (she) was so little. The parents were very young but they seem to be responsible for their kid.
    I think I was the most happy in my life when my daughter was baby and later a little girl. She was cute and we loved each day with her.
    My very, very gentle kisses for Sammy; for his toes. 🙂

    • Blu-Ray is a glorified DVD player.
      Sammy has grown some but new-borns are unbelievably tiny. Yep, kids are mostly enjoyable and delightful … mostly …
      Thanks, Jola.

  2. Start playing Sammy the Beatles. I think Yellow Submarine is a good place to start.

    Thr joys of making technology talk to one another. Have you wanted to throw something out the window yet.

    Phil’s voice is so unique. You know they rate high on my list.

    • Excellent idea on the Beatles.
      I’m always threatening to toss tech stuff out the window … and tossing Carolyn right behind them when she laughs at me.
      Yep, if more people would listen to Lizzy they would be impressed.
      Thanks, Mark

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