Tighten Up

Just think; the two most opposite critters on the planet that seem to continuously have sex with their individual selves are microbes and humans. Bacteria and other single cell organisms are forever dividing and creating clones; humans are forever sneaking into secluded places and masturbating, fantasizing about breeding with another person. Microbes are acting by Nature’s instructions but shame, shame on you humans; don’t you know that playing with yourself will cause you to go blind, or even worse, make you grow hair on the palms of your hands?!
When the Medicare and Social Security limitations are passed in whatever new budget our wise leaders decide is best for the country, think of Big Insurance and its influence on Congress. Insurance companies are exceedingly vexed at Obama and Democratic legislators for passing a health care act that may–in some cases and somewhere down the road–reduce their gigantic profits by miniscule amounts. A good way to deal with the small losses is insure that they make even larger profits and a way to accomplish it is have Republican legislators demand that Medicare and Social Security benefits be cut. When Medicare benefits are reduced, it will allow the insurers who provide Medi-gap insurance to raise their rates dramatically on the people who have to have but can least afford it. Medicare will not be paying as much and the insurers will have to pay more for each medical procedure, including simple checkups. For the geezers to be able to buy it, they will have to spend more of their meager Social Security benefits on insurance premiums and less on food and rent. I’m talking about folks who depend on their monthly S.S. checks to pay for their entire living; these people don’t have 401k’s to supplement their income; S.S. is all they have. People like my aunt who stayed home and raised a family instead of entering the job market until she was forced to do so by Reaganomics are already in dire straits. She, after Medicare deductions, draws less than $500 per month and cannot afford supplemental insurance. Even as much as Carolyn has worked and paid into the system over the past 30 years, she will draw only a bit more than $500 per month after Medicare Part B is deducted and that doesn’t include prescription coverage for which the insurers garner huge profits. After all, the Bush prescription insurance law was written by insurance company lawyers.
Found on the net:
“Everyone has a secret they haven’t shared. Everyone has a past no one’s
heard about. Everyone has talents that people don’t notice. Everyone
has weaknesses hidden inside. Everyone has a story left untold, so never
start judging someone thinking you know them back to front. Because the
truth is, you probably don’t.”
Have a sooper-dooper Worsh day!

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  1. I like the quote you found on the net. V. funny video. 🙂

    • Thanks, my friend.
      I thought the video was pretty cool. 🙂

  2. Yup, the video is pretty cool. I like the Black Keys. Just a drum kit and guitar.

    Hell, where will I be financially when I want to retire. I want to retire at 62 so I can go see America.
    Guess that won’t happen if we continue on this current trend. I sure as hell do not know how my grandmother does it.

    Obama’s insurance plan is a fucking joke. Rates are not better for any American and the insurance companies, while complaining, are making boatloads of cash. The next step is for companies to stop paying for insurance and we will be left to fend for ourselves in a world of sharks hiding behind fine print.


    • Carolyn actually retired at 62, but with her still working, it has been a disaster. By the end of this year, she will be 65 and have actually drawn only about eight checks, only four this year. Had she waited until she turned 65, she would have drawn a lot more in one year than she has totaled in the past three years. The gov. penalizes the hell out of working retirees until they are 65 and then only ease up a little bit.
      I understand that Obama’s health plan doesn’t really kick in until about 2017, and I bet most of it will be nullified before then. Even so, it is a joke anyway you look at it.
      Thanks, Mark.

  3. I am surprised that more families aren’t living together en masse. On a positive note resources could be pooled together (both financial and otherwise) to keep the family going; on the negative side the homocide rate would probably go up (depending upon the family structure of course). I don’t even think you can afford to live in a cardboard box for 500 bucks a month.

    • We thought about doing such with the family, but for us it has never worked; the homicide theory is pertinent and all too real in my little piece of heaven.
      When I kick the bucket, Carolyn will be able to swap her SS for mine which is more than twice her’s. It will still be tough for her and I have only about $25k of life insurance left. I have chosen to be cremated so as to cut down expenses for her; she will need every penny she can get.
      Thanks, my friend.

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