Directv no more! Keep On Smilin’!

Not been sleeping well; Xanax was a temporary cure last night.
It is good to have friends. Thanks, Brandon … you have made my day.
We are going to follow Tammy’s and Mike’s lead and drop our paid TV subscription in favor of Netflix. We don’t own an internet enabled TV, so I will have to get an internet capable Blu-ray player, a new 802.11n wireless router, an indoor antenna for local channels, and have our DSL speed/bandwidth increased. The latter should be less than $10/month and all the rest will cost less than three month’s satellite TV service. I will miss my Tennessee Lady Vol games, but I suppose I can adjourn to the local pub to watch the important ones. I read that U.T. is considering renewing their rivalry with Mark’s UConn Huskies, but I think the animosity between the head coaches will prevent it..
I watched a pretty good movie via PC on Netflix yesterday; The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. It is Swedish language but the subtitles are well done. The movie follows the book’s main points very well.
Not only do we need to get our military out of the Middle-East, we need to pull it out of South Korea. Those folk have had 60 years to learn how to protect themselves and are perfectly capable financially to do so. China is no longer a threat, so they have only their northern cousins to worry about.
South Korea is one of the only nations we have as a trading partner that imposes huge and multiple tariffs on American made products. However, the U.S. does not retaliate by placing import duties on South Korean products. It is time we clear our welfare rolls of sorry-ass South Korea and a few other international moochers who do not want to play fair.
Have a good weekend, y’all!

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  1. Lovely song!
    I could see many tourists from South Korea during my holiday trips (to Rome, London or Vienna). It’s interesting that these young people (usually young) are interested so much in European cultural heritage. I suppose they’re rather well-off if they can pay for such long and rather expensive journeys.
    Yes!!! Weekend …. I miss it so much.
    Hugs. 🙂

    • Wet Willie was one of those bands that was very good but never quite made the big-time splash; the market was saturated with Southern Rock bands at the time and that kept them from getting the glory they deserved. They put on a great concert.
      South Koreans are mostly well educated and make a very good living these days. It is time for them to be weaned and to face the real world like the rest of us have to do.
      Have a wonderful weekend, Jola. 🙂

  2. can you listen to the games on the radio? or stream them via computer? Liked the George Carlin yesterday. I too thought “The Dragon..” movie did a pretty good job by respecting the book (most movies don’t) and the fact that the movie wasn’t american-made is probably why. Very graphic sex scenes, no? Netflicks has quite a few movies It should keep us occupied for a while! be well.

    • Yeah, I’ve been listening to Vol football and basketball games since I can remember (1951 Cotton Bowl game was the first … I think). Also some of the Lady Vol games are free on the net to watch, especially at the first of the season when their opponents are not the best.
      Netflix also has the next two movies in the series, “Fire” and “Hornets Nest”. If Fire is like the book, you will have to see Hornet’s Nest to know how Fire turned out. The movie was mostly about sex and violent sex, so I suppose the scenes were not too bad … but I enjoyed seeing Lisabeth naked. In the book, Mikael’s hobby was making love. I liked the fact that the characters and actors were mature people mostly in their 40’s at least, except for Salander.
      Thanks, Tammy.

  3. My 20 y/o son said that her boobies were too small and she “looked like a boy.” He has the american-barbie-doll-girl image in his brain and doesn’t realize yet how sexy can be packaged many different ways. Just rented “Where The Red Fern Grows.” The book is high on my list of favorites and I wonder how they did with the movie. and you can never go wrong with the Pixar flicks. I love them all.. Nemo and Rattatoui being my favorites. Maybe you can watch them with Sammy-boy.

    • Your son will learn about sexy as he ages; I used to be the same way but now all a woman has to have is nipples a bit larger than mine and that makes her perfect. I haven’t read “Where The Red Fern Grows”; I will await your advice on which one to do first, the movie or the book. I was luke warm on Nemo but I liked the Rats a lot.
      Thanks, Tammy.

  4. You will enjoy Netflix. Very large selection of movies, docs and tv shows. I have had Netflix for 10 years and it has been well worth it.

    I think Steig’s movies were done very well. Then again I watch foreign flicks alot. I never minded subtitles. As a matter of fact you really do not even realize you are reading anything if the movie is done right.

    Once you get used to not having cable I bet you will find many viewing options many are not aware of.

    Make sure your apt. has a washer and dryer.

    • I used to be a long-time member of Netflix but had to give it up about 3 yrs. ago.

      The subtitles were perfect, and I like the sound of the foreign dialect.

      I am looking forward to streaming tv; how Carolyn will handle it is unknown; I bought a Blu-ray player that was fairly cheap but has a sensible looking remote to control everything.

      All the apts we looked at had a laundry room/half bath.

      Thanks, Mark.

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