A constitutional amendment to require a balanced federal budget is one of the dumbest ideas to ever be emitted from the asses of American politicians. Sure, in a perfect world it would be fine to have spending exactly match income, and it may work for families and some other people. But governments under external or internal duress (attacks by unfriendly nations or terror organizations; natural or man-made disasters) need leeway to go beyond artificial restraints. It is our insurance policy. If we had a balanced budget law, what would happen if a determined terrorist organization ruined the water supplies of 10 of our largest cities, say with nuclear devices that have effects which linger for generations? Where would we get money to deal with such a disaster? Tell the millions of citizens of these cities that they are on their own? What happens if another Great Depression hits; do we just ignore the impoverished and starving children in the name of a balanced budget? Perverted ideas of national righteousness by incompetents like those of the Tea Party fail to complete the O.B.F. principals of our sacred Constitution. They like the myopic parts: Of the People and By the People, but fail to consider the most important premise of For the People. Narrow thinking radicals like these ultra-Republicans are the same types who brought us the prohibition amendment to the Constitution which nearly broke the national treasury by spending billions of dollars to enforce the morals of the few against the wishes of the many and at the same time expecting the government to work with diminishing federal tax income from alcohol sales; it ended as a failure. So will a balanced budget amendment.
Another gloomy looking day in East Tennessee yet it is supposed to be very hot. The weather is so screwed up that only the Tea Party can fix it.
I am getting caught up on some business work I neglected while I was sickest; with the exception of yesterday when I was having an RA flareup, I feel I am gaining strength and stamina each day.
I need to get out and make some photos.
Have a Tuesday!

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  1. A good rant. Makes sense to me. Glad to read you are getting back on the horse. I think Jola is a magical bird woman, no matter what she says!

    • Yeah, I think Jola has more on the ball with the little birds than she admits.
      Thanks, Tammy.

  2. Actually, there is an exeption in the bill for a national crisis. However, if we keep spending they way we have been over the last two and a half years we will have maxed out our credit and NO ONE WILL LOAN US ANY MONEY. We can remove the limit if we want, but at some point we will not be able borrow. What happens when we have a crisis then?
    And do you really believe that a 73% increase in the size of the federal limo fleet was necessary? Do you think that high speed rail is a neccesity when we’re broke? Have they cut even so much as one department before asking for more money?

    • Given that there is a workable exception for emergencies, who is to decide what a national emergency is and how much we can borrow to repair the problems? All it will do is cause more squabbling with every politician in DC and the states wanting to grab some glory and pass the buck for any blame. It will be another boondoggle. Don’t mess with the Constitution unless it is absolutely necessary; it removes the people’s ability to govern themselves and places the responsibility in the hands of politically appointed judges.
      Two and a half years? How about ever since appointed President Bush sent our budget to die in Afghanistan and Iraq along with our service people? How about the Wall Street bailout that Mr. Bush, Mr. Obama, and Mr. McCain used to break our tax paying backs? A trillion+ dollars! How about all the big defense contracts that went to the likes of Halliburton when we received exactly nothing in exchange, except for a smile on Dick Chaney’s face? How about all the tax breaks going to the wealthy and big business while the load on Average Joe and Jane is ignored except in times when a politician or set of same wants to make a point; this budget crisis for instance? We are talking trillions and trillions of dollars wasted for no good reason and now we quibble over limos?
      High speed rail is a necessity; sooner or later Americans are going to have to be weaned from gas guzzling automobiles which pollute our environment, kill off species, and make us all sick, including the earth itself. Imported and misused energy is a huge part of our economic problems. Fast train service works in other developed countries; why shouldn’t it work here? Even if we have to borrow to do it, build the rail system and put America back to work; it will pay for itself sooner rather than later. It has been shown by history that when Americans are challenged to take on a huge project, not only is the project completed to all our benefit but new technologies are created which causes more work for more people. Cause and effect. Of course, we can do the usual and pass bad laws then sit on our hands and watch the world go by.
      We as citizens are all to blame for this mess. This country needs a sense of direction, and I see no political party with any reasonable ideas on how it should be done. The people know.
      Thanks, averageamericanblogger.

      • You get no argument from me on George Bush – he was no conservative – he spent too much money and expanded government. But here is my point, government does not fix problems, it generally makes them worse. Check out my post today as a case in point. I have all faith though in the American people. Just like we have always done, WE can find solutions, WE will create the innovations, WE will solve the problems, not the government.
        On average, Americans believe the government wastes about 50 cents of every dollar:

        The President’s budget request for 2010 totaled $3.55 trillion. If they are right that’s about 1.75 TRILLION in wasted tax dollars!
        Even assuming only 25% of our dollars are wasted – a point I am not willing to concede but will allow for the sake of argument that’s still almost 800 billion dollars wasted!
        What liberals need to understand is that comes out of real peoples pockets. The average tax burden is around 10,000 dollars a year. Over 800 dollars per month given to the Federal Government. Of course this does not account for state and local taxes, property taxes, gas taxes, etc.etc.etc.
        Every time I hear of another money wasting project (did you hear the one about measuring men’s penis’!?) I think to myself – how many Americans had to give up 800 dollars a month that they could have used to take a vacation, by a car, save for college to pay for that? This is not just, or right, or fair. It is evil and wrong.

      • A word of introduction: I am a 66 year old disabled construction worker drawing S.S.; my wife will begin drawing S.S. in January. Because of family health problems and the economic downturn, we have already spent our meager life savings and must now face the prospect of living the rest of our years on what we draw from S.S. which comes to a total of just over $1,600 each month after Medicare ins. is deducted. That is if things stay as they are right now. I am an F.D.R. type liberal, but I am no Democrat and claim no party affiliation; I dislike politicians.
        Yes, government does generally make a lot of problems worse and you are correct; throwing money at problems is not any kind of fix. I read some of your post yesterday and will read more as I have time.
        Liberals are real people too; we suffer as much or more than do conservatives; conservatives–as a whole–tend to be wealthier than liberals. I suppose that is why minorities and women seem to be more liberal-minded than are white males; they have fewer employment options, are paid less job for job, and not treated as equals by our white, male dominated society. We the people can solve the problems; but we must not be forced to fix them with things like Constitutional amendments that will take away more of our power to resolve the problems.
        My first suggestion is to overhaul the Federal income tax system; I propose a flat-rate tax on the income of everyone; no exceptions and no loopholes. From birth to death. Everyone pays their fair share.
        I think we should do as Mark said; cut our military in half and stay out of other country’s business unless they are posing a threat to our national security. The Constitution charges us to provide for the common defense, yet the situation has changed to where the best provision for common defense is to know what the enemy is up to. Clinton and Bush 2 failed miserably at it.
        We need to spend much more on education instead of gutting it every time some politician needs funding for his home state to build a military plane that is not needed.
        Yes, we very much need to cut the pork; I’ve seen it continuously for the past 60 years. Penis measuring is a novel way to create jobs; I wonder if F.D.R. thought of that one?
        I agree that government should become much smaller, but in doing so we cannot afford to lose our moral obligations to each other and our basic humanity; this is one place where we will probably never agree, because it is very expensive to do.
        Thanks, averageamericanblogger, for your comments and civility in expressing you opinions.

  3. Little birds are sweet, and dogs are sweet too. I miss my Aga so much. I’m thinking of her every day but if I try to talk about her I have tears in my eyes immediately.
    What a relief that you feel better, our precious friend. That’s good. 🙂

    • We all need little friends (in my case it is squirrels which are more like little enemies) to keep our lives in perspective.
      Thanks, Jola. 🙂

  4. time to wring out the bags. 😉

    • Well said, Tammy. 🙂

  5. A balanced budget amendment is a farce. Republicans spent like crazy when Bush II was President and now claim Obama is responsible for all our problems. Really?????

    Maybe it is time we stop acting like the bullies on the block and cut the military budget to 10% of our national budget instead of the 20% it is right now. Even at 10% we would still be spending 3 times as much as China, who has the second highest budget and we would still be spending 200 billion more than they do.

    Maybe corporate America should be the corporate citizens they claim to be and PAY THEIR TAXES. I am sick and tired of hearing the rich create jobs. Bullshit. While they have made record profits they continue to lobby Congress for more loopholes so they do not have to pay taxes. While they do this they do not hire more Americans. Maybe they should stop putting shareholders first and put people to work instead. If they put more people to work the profits come from people spending their paychecks. They have not created any jobs in years while profits soar. Where are the jobs they have created?

    Oil companies getting billions of tax breaks while raking in massive record profits, really.

    Who will loan us money? China, of course. They need us. Without the United States buying goods from China the Chinese economy will fall flat on its face.

    Should the rich pay more taxes, of course they should. Simple morals would, or should tell you that.

    We should not cut Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid. If we fail in the health and welfare of our citizens then we have truly failed. Is there no compassion for your fellow man.

    Of course there is vast amounts of money that is wasted by our government and that needs to be fixed.

    Cut the military budget in half, to start.

    End tax breaks and giveaways for corporate America.

    Fix the infrastructure of the country. Our roads, bridges, rail system, electrical grid, water system, cable television and internet delivery systems are falling apart and we continue to fail to fix them.

    We continue to cut education budgets, I guess to create more ignorant Americans who are easier to manipulate, and we wonder why we are failing.

    If we continue on this trend then we will see the people rise up against the government as it becomes a nation of rich versus poor.

    We are on the verge.

    • I think the truth and spirit of your comments are being felt more and more across the nation; we must soon awaken or become zombies lusting for dollars.
      Thanks, Mark

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