Yucky times

Not much happening on the home front. Carolyn is busy with the classifieds trying to find us a place to live; it is something she has to do most of by herself. I have all but abandoned my porch sitting so I won’t miss it too much when we move. I don’t mind living in an apartment or such, but I dearly hate the hassle of moving. Anyway, I hope to be settled in somewhere before winter.
Politics heats up as the nation continues to fall apart. What the hell are these political wizards going to do when the infrastructure decays to dust? I suppose they figure it will take so long that they will be dead when it happens. Please read Albert Brooks’ novel 2030: The Real Story of What Happens to America. Mr. Brooks deadpan comedy is transposed into something that could realistically happen in some of our lifetimes. Apparently, none of the politician budget negotiators have read the book.
Have a Thursday, gentle friends.

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  1. Is your porch too warm place during the dog days? I suppose you prefer your home with air-conditioning. I’ve lived in the apartment since 1993. It’s pretty good flat. Our balcony is like your porch, my friend.
    The novel seems to be very interesting.
    Marty Robbins was happy guy, I think. 🙂

    • It is very uncomfortable outside in East Tennessee summers. We’ve been having record heat–35°C+–and we also have a lot of humidity that comes from the Gulf of Mexico and is trapped against the mountains. It is good that you have your balcony; mine has been like a friend to me over the years.
      According to the novel 2030, by 2032 the US will have a president who was born in China.
      Marty Robbins was well liked.
      Thanks, my friend. 🙂

  2. Ken
    Are you selling your house?
    As we get older we think of all the maintenance involved in owning a house.
    Sometimes it can be overwhelming.
    Good luck in finding a great place to live with no steps.

    • Hi Alice.
      Sorry I’m late getting back to you.
      Well, we won’t sell; the value of the house has fallen far below what we owe on it so we will just do the same thing a lot of Americans are doing; walk off and leave it.
      Our house needs a lot of remodeling, especially one bathroom and with all the other upkeep, taxes, and insurance, it is becoming a money pit.
      We found a house we like over on W. Walnut street; it is empty but I don’t know if the man will rent it or if he will do so, if we can afford it.
      Thanks, my dear friend.

  3. Marty Robbins, singer and race car driver. Not many like him at all.

    I’ll check out the novel since you have given it it 2 good reviews.

    I hated apartment living.

    • The novel is surprising, but it all seems possible.
      I don’t think I would like an apartment but it is a place to hang my hat and at my age and health, that is most important.
      Thanks, my friend.

  4. Wish Mike and I were closer so we could come over with the truck and help you move. I hope some place with squirrels and a few birds anyway…how is the baby?

    • We found a house we like, but I don’t know if it is rentable. A huge, flat lot with an older house and plenty of parking. Grape vines, fruit trees, and plenty of squirrels and birds to make me feel welcome. On a busy road but I can get used to that and it is close to where I now live.
      Sammy is doing fine, thanks. He had lost half ounce weight at his first weekly checkup, but that is normal they say.
      Thanks, my friend.

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