Turn the Radio On

Before TV, we had radio and gospel music was abundant. This is one I heard many times in Mom’s house.

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  1. Very American, very nice!
    I’m glad you’re a bit better. As for me I try to work; actually I’m still in bad shape.

    • I hope you are soon well and free from your problem; you must be pretty strong to be able to work being that ill.
      Thanks, Jola. 🙂

  2. We are gettting ready to cancel the cable bill. I think $83.00 per month up from $64 per month is excessive and insulting. The commercials are trying to turn our brains to mush and there are only 3 channels that I really care about. I feel sad for Mike missing football but even he can’t argue with the scam of the cable company. We will be “turning our radio on” more often and watching movies from Netflicks. I’ll dust off the checker board and the mandala board and maybe we can get off the grid, even if just a little. I’m sure you aren’t feeling well dear friend and I’m thinking of you.

    • These days, giving up most of your TV is like giving up smoking. We have been on Directv for 13 years, and have seen it go from $30 to $90 per month. With the new internet TV stuff now online and quickly coming online, I think things will soon be different. Satellite and cable are rapidly losing customers to the net and are looking for ways to offer affordable services. Directv has been sending surveys to find out what we want to watch and how much we think we should pay to see it. So far, we’ve gotten the Starz movie channels added for free. Still, $90 is more than we can afford and we will probably be dropping back to rabbit ears and local channels soon. However, electronically delivered home entertainment will never be cheap again. I suppose we can read more, which is what I do anyway. I will probably go back to playing poker on Saturday nights; at least I did make a bit of money doing that except when Alice’s husband–and my best friend– was alive; he knew how to win.
      Thanks, Tammy.

  3. I love it.

    Tammy, you will be more productive without tv.

    • Chuck Wagon Gang was and is my favorite gospel group.
      Thanks, Mark.

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