I wasn’t shocked when Saturday morning I read that former First Lady Betty Ford had died and I cannot honestly say I was saddened by her passing. All I felt was gratitude and humility that she had lived during my lifetime, bringing something to the White House and the nation that was sorely needed; the bare and bold honesty of a non-politician. Her age in years says she was a generation ahead of mine, but I feel she was more a part of my hippie-cultured world than anyone who graced the office of First Lady before or since. In the world of Washington’s secretive, cover-my-ass politics, her unabashed candidness was not only refreshing, but at times amusing as she stung the powers that be–including her husband, the President of the United States–with her bluntness concerning equality for women. Betty was quite a woman.
Sammy came to visit Saturday and today Carolyn has taken him and his mom for his first doctor checkup. He is fine.
I won’t be blogging much this week; I still have a medical issue to overcome. I have appointment with my doc on Friday and I feel she will take care of the problem. The new fluid pills seem to be doing the trick as far as as my breathing goes.
Tammy sent me a photo of the beautiful fruits of her labor from her garden. Jola sent me a postcard from her Vienna vacation. I will post them both on the blog as soon as I am a bit better. I thank you my friends for your kindness.
Thank you all for caring, my friends, and have a great Worshday and week.

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  1. bettty ford was before my conscious thinking days of the country or its leading people. We hope you get better soon or at least well enough to shlep around the house and breathe with ease. So glad to hear the baby is doing well. I had a dream that we met and you had a very calm deep soothing kind of talk that was pleasing to me and I was 10 kinds of excited to finally have met you. I made you laugh and it was a good dream. I can be a bit of a spaz when I’m excited which I think you found silly. Hoping Jola is getting by this week without her best friend. I hope when my hair turns color it becomes this beautiful silver as in the video or pure white like my Gram. My mom dyes her hair so I don’t have any idea what I may look like. be well…

    • Actually over the past few years, my voice has become somewhat raspy and it was never deep; it doesn’t stand out in a crowd. I am pleased that you dreamed we met and I’m sure that it will happen. I doubt I would find you silly; I like listening to people, especially ones whom I admire and I know you have many stories to tell. In many ways, I am more of a hillbilly than I sometimes like to be but I cope with the paradoxes of modern living.
      You will probably be much like Emmylou Harris when your hair turns; it enhanced her loveliness.
      Thanks, Tammy.

  2. Beautiful song. Singer is beautiful and her large audience too. 🙂
    Being in bed is the best choice now. Yes, rest, dear friend and save your strength.

    • Carole King has many great songs; if you get a chance, listen to her album titled “Tapestry”.
      I am staying up as much as I can, which at present is about four hours each day, but I feel I am slowly getting better.
      Thanks, Jola. 🙂

  3. Outside of the fact that Betty spoke her mind i never really paid too much attention to her.
    I was just getting interested in politics then and Jimmy Carter was the man.

    Glad Sammy is fine.

    Hopefully you have a doctor you can talk with. That makes a big difference in getting proper healthcare.

    • If ever there was a ying-yang in marriage, it was Gerald and Betty Ford’s.
      Poor Jimmy got caught in a no-win situation. Inflation on one side of him and Billy on the other!
      I think I need an antibiotic.
      Thanks, Mark

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