Another Wednesday.

Sammy brought Ashley by yesterday; I can’t believe he is so tiny. He is beautiful; can’t wait to begin his training.
How much is a human life worth? According to a Georgia insurance company, humans are worth no more than $800. A friend of ours needs to have P.E.T and M.R.I. done to see if or how much cancer has spread so they can do necessary surgery and chemo if needed. The insurance company won’t even fill out the necessary papers until she has the $800 deductible up front. A cancer charity said they would pay for the procedure if she didn’t have insurance; but they could not touch the case because the insurance company is in charge. This is madness.
I feel physically better today than I have in two weeks; tomorrow is two medical appointments, one for an echo heart test. I’m slowly getting my appetite back thus I suppose the 10 lbs. of weight I lost will magically reappear. However good I feel, eye allergies are trying to make me regret opening my eyes this morning.
Have a good Wednesday!

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  1. How fun you got to see the new baby. I’m wondering what kind of “training” you have up your sleeve but I’m sure Ashley has one keen mamma eye on you! Babies are pretty amazing and so vulnerable. So glad to hear you are feeling better. In regards to your friend with cancer she probably would be better off dropping her insurance having her surgeries and then filiing bankrupt when the bills came. Sad to say it like that but it sounds like she doesn’t have 800 bucks lying around. I’m sure this is a situation which makes her feel much despair. The health care system is beyond broken.

    • Sammy is the smallest one born into our immediate family that I can remember; I weighed 11 lbs. at birth.
      We are all scraping trying to come up with a little help for the medical thing. You are correct, but the surgeries are “covered” by insurance now and it will remain in effect for that part of the illness even if she drops it, so I understand. That keeps her from getting help elsewhere. Another catch-22.
      Thanks, Tammy

  2. Your words concerning Sammy are beautiful. ๐Ÿ™‚ Did you kiss his little toes? Did you see how his mother breastfed him? I’m sure he is still smart in his woolly hat.
    Yes, he is tiny. My daughter weighted 3.2 kg at birth.
    It’s so nice that you’re feeling better. I worried about you, our friend.
    Days in Warsaw are rainy and a bit cold.
    Today I’m in bad shape, nevertheless your note about Sammy soothes my heart.

    • He had footies on and I didn’t disturb him; he slept the entire time he was here. They are bottle feeding him; bonding will take a bit longer I suppose but it will happen.
      I hope you are soon feeling better; the chill air in summer can cause a head cold.
      Thanks, Jola. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Little kids are a treasure. When he starts to walk and talk and observe things the little comments and statements kids make are classic.

    Insurance company’s suck. Money over health is a moral outrage that should cause Americans to rebel. We are all priceless, ask Sammy.

    • Insurance companies own the world.
      Thanks, Mark.

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