I’d Love To Change The World

There was a big Vietnam Veterans get-together and to-do in Johnson City Saturday. It is about time these men and women who served so unselfishly are getting some of the recognition they should have had 40 years ago. Of course, the Rolling Thunder motorcycle club thundered into town on their Harleys and such, I used to have great respect for the organization, but too many militants have taken over and the club has become excessively politically right-wing to the point that if you disagree about our troops being in Afghanistan or Iraq they accuse you of being unpatriotic. Same old Republican bullshit which has sustained that party for many years. Shame and Fear–and in the case of certain motorcycle clubs–Intimidation.
Ashley just called and Carolyn is on the way to once again take her to emergency room; pains and bleeding again. She is 38 weeks so the baby could come at any time now and be a normal-term brat.

Another false alarm!
I have been sick for the past week; sinus. Last night I was up until wee hours waging the good fight; at 6:00 this morning I finally got enough clearance to catch a few winks of sleep. I am up now and once again kicking ass and taking names with the snot brothers. I’m spraying hydrogen peroxide up my nose twice each hour; I understand that most sinus infections are surface bacterial types and I’ve successfully used this treatment in previous bouts with the malady. I just don’t want the mucous building up in my lungs and causing pneumonia … again.
Happy Worshday, my friends.

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  1. Rolling Thunder has taken on a very odd right wing agenda.

    Baby wants out.

    Sleep always seens to be a problem.

    • I want baby out!
      A natural and gentle sedative like pot should be legalized; we could all sleep better.
      Thanks, Mark.

  2. The hydrogen peroxide sounds like it would burn! ever tried the Netti pot? I’ll bet Ashley is getting sick of her false alarms. We have so many motorcycle clubs rolling through here as Daytona Beach is only 20 minutes south of us. The noise can be a bit much and the driving skills of motorcyclists ‘en mass can be a but arrogant. I’ve seen the Hells Angels and some of the other well known club members up close and they look like they could be a rowdy bunch. I don’t like some of the racist undertones that I think they can carry. Finally getting some rain this way and the smoke has abated. Hope you get to feeling better soon.

    • Neti pots are like drowning.

      • Fer shur!

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