Paid in Full!

Warsaw squirrel for Tammy from Jola

After 72 months of payments, we today paid off the Escape loan. We still owe two more years on the Chevy van but we have it paid down far enough that we can sell it for more than what is owed on it.
Courtney, our future granddaughter-in-law has been diagnosed with a serious illness; I hope you all will send her some healing thoughts and prayers. She is engaged to Jeremy and living in Atlanta.
Have a great weekend, dear ones.

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  1. Will be praying for Courtney and Jerermy.

    • Thanks, Alice; I know they will appreciate it … and I do also.

  2. My thoughts to the young couple and hopes they can weather this storm intact. How scary it is that sometimes a vehicle’s payments last longer than the vehicle itself. So hard to get ahead. I love this little Warsaw squirrel. The squirrels indeed do look very different from the squirrels in our part of the world. Thank you Jola for the thought. Veggies can be very frustrating to grow at times. Just about every year I swear off it and then go right back to planting them the next year. I’ll admit that flowers and herbs are much easier. Is it too late for Carolyn to throw in a few sunflower seeds?

    • The Escape was three years old when we bought it and it still has less than 95,000 mi. on it today. It may blow up tomorrow, but it has been the best car we’ve ever owned and that is saying a lot because I’ve had some fine Ford trucks. We have several squirrels awaiting each sunflower seed to be planted; varmints!
      Thanks, Tammy.

  3. What a lovely name: Courtney!
    Ken … Courtney is young, so I’m sure she will be able to survive all bad moments. Courtney and Jeremy will be in my warm thoughts.
    Tammy: There many squirrels in Łazienki Park in Warsaw. Sometimes they appear on the park path and ask us for the nuts. My husband D. loves them so much.
    I will be absent for some time. I’m going to Vienna for my short holiday. Be well, my American friends. 🙂

    • Have a good and safe journey and a lovely vacation.
      Thanks, Jola. 🙂

  4. Best thoughts out to Courtney from Gibsonville.

    It is nice to know one debt is gone and the vehicle is yours. The payoff of hard work.
    My Sport Trac is now 8 years old and pushing 162,000 miles. Been very good to me. The only new vehicle I have ever owned.

    • Ford seems to have considerably upped their quality over the past 20 years.
      Thanks, Mark.

  5. Jola, I hope your short holiday is pleasant and relaxing. I suppose no matter how different squirrels look on the 4 corners of the planet they all have something in common… The love any kind of nut and seed!. Ken, I’ve got a 12-foot tall sunflower in my garden right now. It is the only one out of dozens that I planted that did not sucumb to the scavaging of my squirrels. I keep waiting for them to climb the stalk and eat the seeds out of the middle (do you think they would do such a thing?). I’ll dry it when the blossom dies and save the seeds for the little fuzzy butts. The baby and mamma must be doing okay? Finally got some rain down our way yesterday and the fires are subsiding for now.

    • Usually the sunflower seed which escape the squirrels make plants and are then eaten by rabbits; we have a yard full of baby bunnies right now. It would not surprise me to know that a squirrel climbed your giant sunflower, gnawed off the bloom, and dragged it off. They are just as ingenious as raccoons. All my critters seem to be prospering; the robins are starting their second broods in new nests, plenty of bunnies and tree rats, and enough mosquitoes to start a blood bank. Very good news about the rain in Florida; we are still getting soaked about everyday; it is raining as I write this.
      Thanks, Tammy.

      • We are heding into a drought here. The rains have been riding the mountains and never make it here these days.

      • We’ve had only two days out of the past two or more weeks when it didn’t rain. Still better than drought, though.
        Thanks, Mark.

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