After so many days of unsettled weather, the skies are crystal clear this morning. Welcome to Summer 2011!
The next presidential election should be very interesting as Republicans bring out every piece of vileness and mud slinging rhetoric they can possibly muster. Their radio and TV talking heads are are already trying to make bigger names for themselves; one in Atlanta is encouraging people (read ‘white people’) to arm themselves and go into the streets and kill “thugs” (read ‘non-white people). Racism was intolerable in the last election and it will be worse in the 2012 fights. Any minority group other than some military veteran organizations will be targeted for special attention by insane right-wingers from the Tea Party, Christian Coalition, Nazis, Skinheads, Kluckers, and many others including Westboro Baptist Church and its ilk. I believe America will show the world the worst of its worst. Some of the stinkiest of it is already taking place behind the scenes; many of these hate groups are particularly cowardly and do not want their names directly associated with the actual dirty deeds.
Thanks to Tammy for the beautiful Florida Gulf Coast sunset photo; I never witnessed an ocean sunset or sunrise with my own eyes.
Have a good mid-week, y’all!

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  1. I keep thinking that with each decade we (this country) will make strides to close the gap between the races. I, like many good people, have raised their children to treat all people like they themselves want to be treated. Unfortunately not all parents do that good a job and combine this with so much good ole’ boy attitudes it may be a very long time indeed before we are beyond it. To be fair I have seen a great deal of racism against whites from non-whites in my own neighborhood and beyond. I myself have been treated pretty poorly by non-white people which leaves me feeling confused. honestly I don’t think rap music is very helpful in getting us all on the same page but maybe I’m too old to understand it. It feels like a hateful music.
    The sunset is beautiful and makes me want to go back. As the sun goes down the folks on the beach stop and wait to watch. It captivates and the power is amazing. Glad I could share it with you. Happy day.

    • I think most races, religious sects, creeds, etc. profile each other and too many act according to what they think they can get by with, leading to discrimination everywhere. Much of rap music is created to incite and be hateful; it was born of poverty on inner-city streets. But there is much good in a lot of it.
      Maybe one day I will see such a sunset; at least, I hope I will.
      Thanks, Tammy.

  2. Whites and non-whites. Is it still such division among the Americans? Polish society is homogeneous, so there are not racial tenses. I wonder what would happen if such minor groups appeared in my our life and they were our neighbours. Hope it would be still social peace. I think that if people are simply good and they believe (share with) the same (or similar) values their race or their nationality are not important.
    Beautiful jazz and beautiful Tammy’s photo. Thanks for them, my friend. 🙂

    • We will always have racial tensions in America and everywhere, it seems. I think you have the same English copy of “The Birch Grove” book that you sent me? If so, please read about Father Gorski and Desmond on page 208 of the story “Mill on the River Utrata”.
      There are too many complicated factors determining how people treat each other; it is part of the human makeup either bestowed by God or acquired through evolution. I think discrimination will always be with us.
      Thanks, Jola. 🙂

  3. I used ‘tenses’. It should be ‘tensions’. Sorry for my poor English. xo

    • Your English is better than mine. 🙂

  4. Racism is alive and quite well in the United States. It is so woven into the fabric of American society that I think most white Americans do not even see it. Unlike other peoples of the world who emigrated to the
    United States the ancestors of black America did not come here by choice. They have not even had full rights all that long. They did have full rights until the 1960’s. How are we, white America, ever to fully understand the full implications of what that means to a race of people.

    I am far from perfect in my thoughts towards race and it is a continual work in progress. It is very easy to be conflicted but as long as you realize that we are all one people and work towards putting that thought forward we will make slow progress.

    I fear in many ways we are going backwards since so may laws are getting enacted that hurt the poor, mostly brown skinned people, that racism will rear it head in ways which will reflect very poorly on America.

    Much of the Christian right in the United States is very racist and they are getting their leaders elected.
    They hide their racism behind God and Country. Things are not as good as they seem.

    • You are correct, my friend. I think racism came across the ocean with Columbus or whomever the present “in” discoverer of America was. Humans, particularly brash Americans, are just plain not tolerant of preconceived ideas and ideals except their own. It is difficult to walk a mile in another man’s shoes when you fear you will catch a dose of athlete’s foot from him because he is different from you. “Fear” is the key word to most discrimination. Religious leaders and politicians know that better than anyone.
      Thanks, Mark.

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