Summer is comin’ … but no photos allowed

Summertime in the 60’s and 70’s seemed much different than what I see today. Of course I am more of a watcher instead of being a participant like I used to be. However, I will never tire of gawking at beautiful women in bikinis or, if I am lucky, topless. I think they should wear bottoms just to keep me from going completely berserk and to leave something for my imagination to deal with. However, there are no topless beaches in East Tennessee; in fact, hardly any beaches at all.
Out of shame, I’ve not said anything about this, but I have known it for a week. Our super-conservative state legislature and the pathetic governor have passed and signed into law an act which says that if any citizen of Tennessee publishes a photo online which offends any other citizen of the state, the person who published the photo has performed an illegal act and may be fined and jailed. Think about this for awhile; is it not fascism? This is a dastardly violation of the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America which guarantees all American citizens the right to Freedom of Speech.
For any photo I place online in a public forum such as this blog, Flickr, Megashot, and Facebook, I am held liable if it in anyway offends one of my statewide neighbors.
The SS Nazi Stormtroopers are alive and well in Nashville, Tennessee. Fuck them; I for one will not be intimidated because I consider it a hate crime directed at at free people in this state. Maybe a good time for the Revolution against dictated, pulpit morality to begin.
Have a wonderful last Thursday of Spring 2011, my friends.

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  1. Uhm, that’s harsh ! For one thing, deciding that aphoto is offensive is rather subjective, isn’t it, and hence, subject to debate, which will be a waste of taxpayers’ money. Let’s say , one published a photo of 2 bees making out, and some cultist thought it was offensive, or…. a photo of Michaelangelo’s statue of David in all its naked glory…….. what now? * shakes head*

    • Yep! I don’t understand how they could even conceive of such; it is completely subjective and will take a long stretch of constitution bending to make it anything but laughable. Of course, this is the first time in many, many years that Republicans have controlled the entire Tenn. state government. I wonder how some work of Gustave Courbet would strike them?
      Thanks, renxkyoko.

  2. Uhhh, what. I am quite sure that draconian law will not pass any legal challenge. Ehen is the first test case for that going to trial. Sally Mann, Jock Sturges amongst ten of thousands of others would be in big trouble.
    I fear for our nation. These type of laws are becoming more and more common. This is not the United States.

    • This is the stuff that revolutions are made of and the case for “Real Change” is being made in legislatures and congress on a daily basis. I hope people are not so self absorbed they cannot see the looming consequences.
      Thanks, Mark

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