Happy Name Day, Jola!
Carolyn is happy for a change; she got her first retirement check since October and some extra beautification at the hairdresser.
I slept very well last night and I was very tired when I went to bed. Sleep came quickly and lasted until 7:30 this morning; the best part is I used no chemicals to aid my slumber.
Ashley and little Sammy are still on hold; she has to go back for ultrasound tomorrow.
In the pic at top, there once was an old farm house where this modern one now stands. When I was a little boy and when Mom (grandma) had an extra fifty cents, she would send me walking to there carrying an empty one-gallon glass jar. I would go to the back door and knock and Mrs. Gouge would come out of the kitchen and invite me inside. She would always give me a piece of fresh bread adorned with home-churned butter and home made jam or jelly. She would take my empty jug and half-dollar and give me a a full jug of fresh, creamy milk. Sometimes one of my uncles would walk with me carrying two more gallon jars. When we got the milk home, Mom would have her wooden churn ready to make butter. For some reason, the hard work she put into churning the milk made better tasting butter than did anyone else.

Very much like the one Mom used

Have a mild mid-week crisis …

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  1. Is is Jola’s birthday? If so HAPPY DAY Jola. My day is on Friday. I’ve never had churned butter and I’ll bet is was fabulous. What a nice story you have there with regards to milk and timely what with the new babe soon to be here. My dad used to give me 3 dollars and send me and my brothers up to the corner store about 1.5 miles up the road for a gallon of milk and a pack of cigarettes for him. My brothers would dutifully follow me up and back but I had to carry the the heavy gallon of milk. I remember it was tough to hold as in the Florida heat the jug was covered with condensation. We had to cross rail road tracks and I remembered how afraid I was of them. I think I was between 8-10. Off to Indian Rocks Beach tomorrow on the west coast of FL for 4 days of vacation. Have a good weekend to you all.

    • Being you will abandon us for a few days of Gulf fun, Happy Birthday, my friend. Celebrate in a wild and crazy manner! That is a good story about you having to carry the milk home from the store. I bet your brothers had a different opinion of the RR tracks. Were you the oldest kid?
      Have a good weekend yourself.
      Thanks, Tammy.

  2. Thanks, Ken. 🙂
    Oh, I love your nostalgic memories, too. 🙂
    Happy vacation, Tammy! Catholics celebrate their Birth – days and their Name -days. Our names are the names of different saints (or blessed persons) who are our patrons. My saint patron is Blessed Jolanta ; her roots were Hungarian, but his husband was one of Polish dukes. We try to be as good as our saint patrons were. Yes, name Day is happy day. I received different gifts and flowers from my friends. I had sweets for them.

    • Name day is not widely celebrated in US. Even the Catholics I know have never mentioned it. Any excuse to celebrate is a good.
      Hope your Name Day was very nice, my friend.
      Thanks, Jola. 🙂

      • Yes, it’s a bit complicated. 😉
        But please remember my friend that Catholics christen their kids when they are babies, and this is a moment when they choose a name for them, and it’s unwritten rule that it should be name of saint or blessed person.
        I counted that almost 30 different people visited me in my office today and they told me how much they are glad of my presence in their life; oh, and it was also very important call from my husband. 😉
        Yes, my name day was v. nice. Hope your Wednesday is good too. 🙂

  3. My dad and uncle used to fight over the milk when it came because they wanted the cream off the top.

    Never heard of Name Day.

    • I’m not a milk drinker, but the cream would be nice for ice cream and strawberries.
      Name day is big in Europe and in Latin America; it has been a bigger day than birthdays there.
      Thanks, Mark

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