Perils of Papaw

Ashley woke us with a phone call at one o’clock this morning; she was bleeding and hurting again. She just wanted to alert us to be ready to take her to hospital if need be. At nine o’clock she called again; she had contacted her doc and he told her to go to emergency room immediately. Carolyn is with her now and as she is being admitted; I don’t know what it means but she is dilated 2cm.
I will keep you posted as Carolynย  lets me know.
5:00pm. Ashley is still in hospital, but we do not know if they will keep her overnight. Her mom and pop and Carolyn are still with her. The bleeding has subsided slightly, and “they” are saying it may be coming from the placenta. I don’t know why the placenta would be bleeding unless little Sammy has given a it good kick; he has been kicking a lot and very hard. I am looking for a college that may need a good kicker for their future football team.
Have a summer weekend, my friends … maybe at the beach or pool or at a park.

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  1. I knew that baby was coming early. Those sorts of start and stop, bleeding, etc problems usually mean that baby needs out sooner than its recommended baking time. good thoughts for Ashley, her baby, and her grandparents! Modern medicine is downright amazing with situations like premature babies and the like. My Tia was 2-1/2 weeks late and Cody was 3 days early. It is telling to their personalities now that I think about it, wouldn’t you say Mark? I’ve got my Sirius BB King’s Blues Channel on all day while I type. It is a good way to enter the weekend and I really want to jump up, dance, make myself a drink, and tell my boss … well… I’ll be good and finish the day. Much good thoughts to you and your Family Ken. Have a good weekend yourself. Oh, I don’t make my own blog for many reasons I guess, mainly I feel like I have too many other hobbies and duties pulling at me and I couldn’t spend the appropriate time on it. Nice of you to let me share your space with me. I’ll not take too much advantage of your kindness. 2 cm dilated means the womb exit light is starting to blink red!

    • If the baby came right now, it would just a bit less than five weeks preemie. Chris was a few days early, Jerry was so late they had to start Carolyn’s labor, and JJ was about a week preemie. I’ve always said that Chris and JJ were twins but born 7 years apart with Jerry in between. When I’m able to hear well enough, I listen to Pandora or preferably Right now I am listening to a great tinnitus back-beat. I’ll be happy to post your photos here anytime. I think it will be another week or so before Sammy blows out the light when he leaves the womb. They say he weighs about 6 pounds now.
      Thanks, Tammy.

  2. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Ashley and her baby. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Thanks, Jola. She needs plenty of luck. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. The Tinnitus Band is always off key. good luck riding the wave of it today. hateful stuff.

  5. Saying a Prayer for Ashely and the baby.
    You will probably be a great grandpa soon.

    • Thanks, Alice.
      The bleeding has slowed a bit but we still don’t know if they will keep her overnight.

  6. He wants to see his papaw. Spoiling coming soon.
    You are right Tammy. Intersting observation.

    • I will be the last one to spoil him; I ain’t very good around babies.
      Thanks, Mark.

      • But you did not rule it out. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I’ll do my bit. ๐Ÿ™‚

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