Sleep Walk

This tornado stuff is getting crazy … almost as crazy as the crazies who claim global warming climate change is crazy. Crazy! Massachusetts? East Tennessee?
I was on the porch well before sunrise this morning; it was perfect!
Carolyn’s little garden is doing poorly. She allowed someone to sell her some bags of topsoil for her containers that is nothing more than composted tree bark. The radishes came up, grew a couple inches, and leaves are now turning yellow. Her tomato plants also had yellow bottom leaves but she pulled them off; the plants have barely grown but are blooming. The cucumbers are mostly recovering from their bout of yellow leaves and are growing well. Some of the peppers are pretty with blooms already set. She needs plain old dirt. I hope something produces well so she won’t feel so badly.
Prepare yourselves for more Ventures videos; sorry, Beatles; sorry, Stones; sorry, Jimi; The Ventures were my 60’s band. This one features Skunk Baxter on the pedal-steel.

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  1. Good music for dancing!!!
    I remember that my grandmother had the flowers in her garden ( she loves tulips) and only some of vegetables, mainly fresh chive ( very good with a special white cheese) and cucumbers.
    Have your evening as good as your morning. 🙂

    • The 50’s and 60’s had a lot of good dance music, although I didn’t dare dance.
      Fresh vegetables always seem better than grocery store produce. Growing them makes them extra tasty.
      You have a good evening, too. 🙂

  2. Last year, my parents planted veggies …. but they weren’t that successful. The tomatoes were very small, the eggplants too, and squash and bell peppers. It turned out not worth all their effort. Tomatoes were like 39 c a lb. at the grocery. So this year, we’ve decided to have a flower garden. And since I’m on vacation, and not doing anything, I ‘ve been helping Mom at the backyard. It’s backbreaking !

    According to news here in California, this past May was the coldest May ever recorded, so far. And that’s true. It’s June now, but we still have to wear thick sweaters. And just last week, there was snow blizzard in the Sierras ( about an hour from our place ), and they got 16 inches of snow. The ski resort owners are so happy. I don’t know why some people still think climate change is a hoax. Vietnam had snow last Dec. ! And it’s a tropical country !

  3. Veggies can be hard to raise until you develop the “touch”; I never did. I suppose the backbreaking part is why I never grew a green thumb.
    We’ve had several days of record and near record high temps; there doesn’t seem to have been much of a break for the past few weeks. 103° in Atlanta yesterday and 93° here in the hills. Global warming is real, but how much a part man has played in it is hard to determine. Hope there is a fix before it is too late.
    Thanks, renxkyoko.

  4. My plants are coming in fine. Peppers and zucchini are liking the insanely hot weather.

    Skunk Baxter is quite talented. When is this video from?

    Global warming is for real. Man and natural cycles of the earth are competing for attention.

    • The Skunk video was 1993 or there about. Did you know Skunk is considered a defense expert and is a defense consultant for at least two republican congressmen?

  5. my green plant energies on a vibe for Carolyn.. I feel her disappointment. No guarantees in farming. herbs and flowers are almost always a winning ticket for me though and I highly recommend planting them. i’d love to have chives and cheese w/Jola along with a crisp bottle of white wine and a vase of tulips on the table. Sunflowers are finally giving me what I asked of them. i like this music. Dire Straits is my favorite band and if I close my eyes I can hear bits of them in this music. Sending photos via email finally. hows’ the baby coming along?

  6. Carolyn does pretty good with flowers; but she is a city girl. I’m glad the squirrels left you some sunflowers. I’ve liked Dire Straits every since I first heard Mark Knopfler’s guitar. I got the photos; thanks. Carolyn and I both enjoyed hem; you look good at the top of the world. I wish I was there making the photos. I am invisible to cameras; at least I had better be.
    Thanks, Tammy.

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