Meek weekend

Stupid name!

What a wild and wooly weekend (sarcasm)! Except for two hours Saturday afternoon, I sat on my ass at the house. The two hours of reprieve came when we went to the market along the river and then to downtown JC where I got the mill pic and the one above. It felt good just to shoot! We planned to go to Jonesborough yesterday evening but the missus was in a bad mood because trees were blocking the satellite signal; no TV Criminal Minds dramas induces doom and gloom and I duck for cover. Ashley is back to normal, the bleeding she incurred Friday tapered off over the weekend and we are not yet g.grandparents. The little feller isn’t due until around July 25, but most wise heads and sages are saying it will come early. His name is to be Samuel Seaton Bishop. Seaton???
I missed an opportunity to meet Mark and Tammy and Mike; I feared that if they traveled over the hill, we would be called to hospital with Ash. I am truly sorry my friends; next opportunity–come hell or high water–we shall meet if you still want to; I surely do. I was just thinking; I’ve never been to Florida. Mark can come over at anytime. A trip for us to his house would go through North Wilkesboro, NC; it is the area my Phillips ancestors left around 1796 to come to The Promised Land.
I took time away from my hectic schedule to do some more writing last evening; I created about 450 almost fully edited words. The Paradise Club story is partly biographical set in a typical time when I was younger and a little more foolish and will probably have 4,000+ words when finished; it now stands at 2,900 and many of them are two or more syllables!
Have a Tuesday!

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  1. We were sorry to hear that your granddaughter was having troubles and we certainly would not want to cause any undue stress for the family. After a group meeting we decided it may have best we not come on Sunday. BUT we were talking about you and how we wanted to see you and how it was only 3 hours away. We wanted to maybe take you out for a drive so you could take some photos. Next time I promise! After work today I’ll upload some photos for you and email them. We went to the Blue Ridge Parkway. I’ve never been and what’s more.. never seen mountains. They were beautiful, a bit scary, and humbling to say the least. how small I felt. I found some wild yarrrow and violets. Also, saw some tiny purple flowers growing out of moss. New flora and fauna are exciting. We saw a black bear, bunnies, and many different birds. How special to see the bear! I stood at the highest point east of the Mississippi at Mitchell’s Mountain and breathed in the air of a cloud!!! Asheville was nice but I didn’t have any money to buy. Mark’s place is a haven for birds with dozens of bird houses and feeders. A bird bath big enough to bathe a small child and I even saw the chipmunk (he is adorable). a refreshing weekend away to the mountains. I think I’ll come back. I will come to see you dear Ken, I promise. xoxo tamatha

    • We were in a tenuous situation with Ashley; she seemed to be getting better but we were leery of being out of touch. When you were at Mt. Mitchell, I was less than two hours away; Carolyn and I were married at Burnsville which is almost at the foot of the mountain. These mountains are ancient; at one time they were much higher than the Himalayas. Glad you got to see all the critters, especially the bear. We occasionally have them passing through our yard.This middle section of the Appalachians has more species of vegetation than anywhere else in the world. I feel blessed to have been born here and the area is blessed that someone like you who cares so much for nature visited. I figured the chipmunk was stew by now. I hope you can come back; I would like for you to see Watauga Lake in summertime; it is a jewel.
      BTW; I was joshing you about the lightning bugs; they are an important part of the first story I had published. I am always amazed when the trees and air are full of their flickers.
      Thanks, Tammy. 🙂

  2. I’m trying to talk mark into being nice to the chipmunk. and I think there is more than one!. Lightening bugs are a wonder to me. Florida doesn’t see them, or if so, extremely rare. I spent some time catching and peering into my cupped palm. simply amazing. Mike put 3 of Mark’s forks on the train tracks and we retreived 2 very flat forks. yes, I think the mountains are more magical than I gave credit for. I don’t think I am the mountain type of girl but certainly can appreciate the power and life’s force living there. you are lucky to be a child of the mountains and to feel part of such magic.

    • After a local cat takes the chipmunk, Mark will probably miss her and the children. Fireflies are so plentiful here that Appalachian State University in Boone, NC offers a bounty for them; kids catch them by the jars full and the school does research with them. It doesn’t seem to affect the population of night lights. We used to put coins on the train tracks; seems like the boys were having a second childhood and had I been there, I would have done the same thing. I wonder if the track near Mark’s house is CSX? If so, I may try to send him a message painted on the side of a coal car. To say the absolute truth, I think my very life depends on my continuing ties to these mountains. I hope you can someday see Grandfather Mt.; it is not far from Mt. Mitchell. If you can ever get back here around June 20, the rhododendron gardens atop Roan Mt. are a must see. Most of us keep our roots or at least our virtual roots where we were born and raised.
      Thanks, Tammy.

  3. We were very close to heading over but smarter heads prevailed, this time. I think the more time Tammy spent in the mountains the morew they would grow on her.

    When you get over near Bryson City or Murphy there are all those magical valleys between the peaks. The area along the Nantahala River is amazingly beautiful. I love the ride between Murphy and Bryson City.

    The chipmunk is on a short leash.

    The history of the Appalachians is much more than most people are aware of.

    I have not been to Burnsville, however I hear it is a neat little town.

    • You are right; one day in the mountains is barely a teaser. A few days hiking and camping along the Appy trail should make anyone more appreciative of the hills.
      When we come to your house, it will probably be via US 421 through Boone. It seems to be shortest way and still scenic. Next time we are in the Smokies, I will try the Bryson City-Murphy route.
      When we were married in 1964, Burnsville was a small county seat that didn’t ask many questions; Carolyn was 17. I had a big streak of ketchup on my shirt front when I said “I do”. Now the town is a base for ski resorts and other tourism.
      Thanks, Mark.

  4. 421 is the easiest way here by a long shot.

    A neat little town not far from you is Marshall.

    • Been many years since I was over to Boone and N. Wilkesboro; I will dial Marshall into the tom-tom.

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