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It went places you wouldn't believe

Very chilly and damp; lots of rain last night and drizzling on and off today. I had to turn on the heat this morning and it is the only time I can recall needing to use the furnace this late in May.
The recovery is on for sure! The Obama administration is confident that we are pulling out of The Depression while more jobs are being lost as manufacturing slumps and new housing construction plummets. The inflation rate is increasing, especially quickly in the food and fuel sectors. Geezers who used up their life saving over the past three or four years trying to buy medicine and food are down to a choice of one or the other and probably not enough of either.
The people of Syria are in deep doo-doo while Obama and the rest of the West stick their collective heads in the sands of oil-rich Libya.
At least Ahnold is getting some.
Tuesday again … have a good one!

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  1. Was it your own Ford? You should write us about your travels. I guess you were outside your home for many years.
    It’ not easy ( and cheap) to live in Europe too.
    My Tuesday was not bad. Now it’s 10 pm in Warsaw.

    • This was my truck; I bought it used in 1979 and drove it for eight years. It was wrecked thrice while I had it, but only once by me. I don’t think I ever drove outside of N.E. Tenn., but it climbed hills and mountains where it should not have gone, drove through mud holes half-way up the doors, got stuck in the mud a few times, but she always brought me home safely.
      Glad you day was not too bad; you probably need to rest before beginning your journey to Austria.
      Thanks, Jola. 🙂

  2. Looks a nice workhorse of a vehicle. When the Sport Trac dies I am getting another pickup.

    Nobody has a clue what is going on with the economy. All the numbers contradict one another. From what I see at work it seems that things are ready to go through the roof and I really can’t figure it out. Nothing makes sense anymore.

    Not helping the Syrians will come back to haunt us. Letting an evil government kill its people because it fits your governments agenda has always come back to haunt us and we still fail to understand that.

    • No matter how shiny or how ratty and trashy they look, pickups are a class ride.

      I feels to me like the economy is waiting for the other shoe to drop; either that or we are as about as good as we will get under the present corporate system.

      Cuba–no oil; Haiti–no oil; Equatorial Africa–no oil. The money goes where the money is.
      Thanks, Mark

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