Johnson City has once more sunk to the bottom of health food-chain; an article in today’s local paper describes findings that JC is the most depressed city in the USA! Other people are realizing what I’ve been saying in this blog for years is factual; the only happy people here are wealthy–or at least well heeled–retirees from New Jersey and Florida, along with business crooks, politicians, and big-church preachers who prey on the rest of us. No jobs except in low paying service industries and retail stores, with no prospects for better in the short-range or long-run future. How exciting can a city of 55,000 people be? One-fifth of the population is college students and when they are listed as being depressed, you know my little berg is in deep spiritual and emotional trouble. A New Jersey city has the least depressed folk; I suppose they are happily scheming to retire to JC where they can further ruin the lives of we natives. Welcome to the heart of the Bible Belt! Phooey!
Wouldn’t Newt Gingrich and Donald Trump together make a great ticket for the Republican run to the White House in 2012? Sarah Palin could be Secretary of State, John McCain as defense secretary, the Koch brothers could be Secretary of the Treasury and Secretary of Labor, and Pat Robertson would make a fine Secretary of Homeland Security. Mitt Romney would nicely fit as Secretary of Circuses, Carnivals, and White House Entertainment.
Have a non-depressed weekend, dear friends.

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  1. I read the article, but I must admit JC seems to be rather charming city; not depressed. City where are the university and such nice on-line newspaper can’t be the most depressed city in the USA; the survey is rather funny. πŸ™‚
    May is the worst month in my office, I work 8-10 hours every day, so, yes, I wish my weekend wasn’t depressed.

    • JC used to be a fine city until it turned conservative in the mid-1980’s. Since then population growth has become stagnant, most industries have relocated to other states, and the average age of the citizens has increased much faster than the national norm. People here just don’t feel like they have a chance to succeed at anything.

      I hope you can rest and relax this weekend; all those work hours can drag you down.

      Thanks, Jola. πŸ™‚

      • Ken … if I manage to survive next week, everything will be OK. πŸ˜‰
        Where is Alice; you precious friend? Hope she is well. And my info for Tammy: yes, there is lovely spring in my part of Europe and we have a lot of flowers, mostly tulips, pansies and daffodils. It’s still too early for roses, but on last Sunday I could see in Łazienki Park beautiful bushes of azalea and lilac; all in a full bloom!
        Hugs for all of you my American friends. πŸ™‚

      • I think Alice still visits the blog; she doesn’t say much but one time she did tell me she enjoys reading the comments. I have to admit, most of the time the comments are better than the blog.
        Thanks, Jola. πŸ™‚

  2. Jola

    I am still around. reading blog everyday. just not commenting.
    I don’t think I am depressed. Was surprised when I can the article.
    I had a great Mother’s day with daughter and family last Sunday.
    Fixed lunch for everyone.
    She gave tickets to the Gaither Concert (Southern Gospel Band) for this Sunday.
    Have a wonderful weekend and don’t work to hard.

    You political comment was interesting.

    • I usually know when you visit the blog, and I know you are here probably more than anyone else. I sure do appreciate it, my friend.
      The article surprised me too, but I took it with a grain of salt,
      I like the Gaithers pretty good; they do harmonize well and have been around a long time.
      I threw the preacher part in at the last minute to see if you were paying attention. πŸ™‚
      Thanks, Alice.

    • Alice,
      a ticket for a well executed concert is lovely gift. I’m happy you had a great Mother’s Day and I appreciate a lot fact that you’ve been a loyal friend of Ken for so many years.
      Yes, I’m going to rest a bit; my daughter Asia bought for us two train tickets to Vienna (26 June). It’ll be a great time for me and her.
      As for me and my daughter, please look at this photo. πŸ™‚
      Have a beautiful Sunday!

      • Jola

        Your daughter is beautiful.
        Enjoy your trip to Vienna with daughter.
        My daughter and I had a great time at the Gaither Concert this afternoon.

  3. Wow, thats is depressing for those of you in JC. Have the folks who came to this conclusion been to Bluefield recently. Bummer for a town with so many college students.

    If that cabinet happened in any form I might want to move to Cuba.

    • Yes but the mayor of Bluefield gives away free lemonade every day the temp goes above 90Β°; you can’t be depressed with free lemonade.
      I was gonna pick you as Secretary of the Interior … just to balance thing out.
      Thanks, Mark.

  4. That’s funny about Sarah Palin being the Secretary of State. Did she say once she was an expert on foreign policy matters because she could see Russia from where she is in Alaska ?
    Anyone from Fox News could be the presidential spokesperson.

    • Yes, Ms Palin is well versed in foreign affairs and policy; not every one can see Russia from their house. I suppose that quote should be her most famous moment. Aw shucks …

  5. A trip to Vienna, how wonderful. I’m sure you will have a fun time and we will look for photos. Your daughter is beautiful Jola. I love to see those kinds of photos. I think I would like to see a Southern Gospel band Alice. Some of my favorite singers/muscians got their start in in the church w/gospel music. it is soothing to the soul. I’ve seen a deer in my yard twice now in the past week but she seems to be staying away from the flowers.. so far.

    • The deer will soon be communing with the squirrels and they will tell her you are easy for flower munching and that you will fuss but you love animals and won’t hurt her. πŸ™‚
      Thanks, Tammy

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