Ridin’ the storm out

Squirrel victory

Carolyn’s little veggie garden is cruising along; it made it through last night’s thunderstorms with little damage. We had another display of lightning much like the one that was to the southwest of us during tornado night. As I went to bed, there were several nearby strikes and the flashes were continuous for nearly 30 minutes. Even after the electrical energy subsided around us, the rumble of Thor’s hammer striking the iron of heaven’s gates resounded until near dawn as more storms popped up throughout our area. Of course there were heavy winds and downpours of rain mixed in the lot.
I went to the porch this morning, hoping the pollen had been washed away by the rain, but I wasn’t outside more than a few minutes when my nose and eyes began clogging. Maybe by the weekend the dust will settle.
The best of Wednesday to all of you!

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  1. jeeze I thought Florida had bad thunder/lightening storms. sounds like your area gets its fair share. I’ve resorted to planting herbs/flowers for years now as most bugs and squirrels don’t really go for those plants but apparently sunflowers are too yummy to resist. thanks for the advice. Tried to get Mike to wear a shirt like the ones in the video (circa 70’s?) this but he won’t have anything to do with it. Oh to have your man look like a pirate.. sigh. onward we go…

    • It was the same with our iris; they ate ours but didn’t bother our neighbor’s bulbs.
      The band Angel was one of the late 70’s groups that tried to keep rock alive through the disco years. They took a lot of derision concerning their clothes and effeminate ways on stage. Mike would have been a super-hunk with one of those shirts.
      Thanks, Tammy.

  2. I did see u were getting lots of lightning. Storms missed us by a long shot.

    The grass seed I threw on the ground where there leaves is starting to grow. Yea for green and less dirt.

    • I saw on Weather Channel they had severe storm boxes around you area for last night.
      Hope the grass takes hold in the bare spots.

  3. It’s beautiful song. They look wonderfully. Their clothes and shoes are so trendy; the fashion of 70’s was lovely.
    I love your conversation about your garden problems, my friends.
    Hugs. πŸ™‚

    • This is how they looked when I saw them in concert in 1978; actually a pretty good band.
      I am but an observer of the garden things; it can be frustrating sometimes.
      Thanks, my friend. πŸ™‚

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